Apple Music Preview Crashing on “Listen Now” on Windows 11 [Fix]


Apple have launched Apple Music Preview app on Microsoft store and now have ability to support lossless audio, but the app is reported with many issues like crashing while doing different things on it.

The Apple Music Preview Crashing does not seems to be stable and is reported with lots of issue, listed as below :

Apple Music preview app issue on Windows:

  • While attempt to login on Apple Music Preview either through “Listen Now” or at the bottom left it crashes after successful login.
  • Apple Music Preview  App Crashes almost immediately upon opening the app 
  • if you change audio output devices on Apple Music Preview,  Audio will be completely garbled and unrecognizable until you restart Apple Music.
  • Apple Music Preview  App doesn’t load properly on opening and freezes frequently
Apple Music Preview Crashing on Windows 11

If you are also facing these issue with the Apple Music Preview  App then you are not alone as many users are reporting similar issue with the app. The issue is with the app not the windows and there are no official statement from the app developer on when the issue will be fixed.


How to fix Apple Music Preview Crashing on Windows 11 ?

Fix : Reinstall the app

If the Apple Music Preview app is crashing windows on the ‘Listen Now’ tab, not playing audio or after opening up then to fix this issue you should uninstall the app and reinstall it again. The reinstallation seems to fix most of the issue in the app and you should try that too.

Fix : Avoid selecting Listen Now

The Apple preview app is crashing on Windows due to some bug in the Listen now feature. The workaround to fix the issue is to deselect “Listen Now” which is selected by default when you open the app.

Quickly click on other navigation item before the app crashes . Now open the app, however if the App preview app does not show any data that you should forces close the app and reopen the app it should work fine now.

Fix : Update the App

The Apple music preview app seems to work fine on windows as far as you do not select “Listen Now” again. The features seems to be buggy and hopefully a fix for it will arrive soon. So keep updating the app to latest version available/


Hope this article explain the fix for Apple Music Preview keep Crashing on Windows 11.


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