Fix iTunes Preview Not Working for some Songs, Stuck at wheel spinning ?  MacBook, Windows ?


Many Mac, Windows  iPhone/ iPad users are facing issue  with Apple music that they Can’t preview some songs in iTunes Store. While trying to preview a song on iTunes the preview does not load and just spin with the stop sign in middle. It seem like the iTunes preview is stuck and not able to load the song. This is definitely an apple/iTunes store issue.

One user reported

I can confirm this for me too – albums with “Apple Digital Master” won’t preview, but ones without that designation will.


iTunes Preview Not Working

Why iTunes preview not working for some Songs

If iTunes songs preview not working for your then you are not alone as lots of iPhone, iPad users are seeing this issue. The issue started after July 23,2023 (iTunes update ( release and the preview will stuck while loading in iTunes and the issue is with almost every new song in the library. The iTunes preview not working for some Songs is seem with latest Macbook and windows and getting progressively worse over the last few months to the point where user         cannot preview 80% of new music on itunes now.

How to fix iTunes not able to Preview a song ? Macbook/ Windows

Fix : Network connectivity / VON

One common reason on iTunes not loading the preview of song is due to slow internet connection or using a VPN in your network. A VPN software may result in iTunes not working or not loading preview or freezing while loading songs etc. Please ensure to use a stable internet connection without any VPN. Or try using a different network like WiFi or mobile data.

Fix : Access Apple Music to preview song

Another workaround to preview the song is directly accessing Apple music. You can still preview any album without an Apple Music account at but only one track at a time, not all tracks consecutively.

Fix : Update the iTunes to latest software

The Apple have released new version of iTunes and reported to have a fix for the issue. Please update the iTunes to latest version for the fix.


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