VPN no longer working after 11.7.2 update on MacBook ?

Many MacBook users are reporting issue with the latest macOS release 11.7.2 that the VPN stopped working in the mac after 11.7.2 update. The VPN was working normally before the update but just after updating the macOS to the 11.7.2 something sees to broke the VPN. The issue is prominent for the users with VPN with “L2TP over IPSec”.

On the iMac some users are seeing the error like

L2TP can’t set L2TP server address: Cannot allocate memory

None of the “L2TP over IPSec” VPN connections work any more on iMac or Macbook which is quite annoying.

Quick Fix :

A Workaround for the issue on the Macbook is to follow these steps. If your VPN provider supports “Cisco IPSec” (beside L2TP), you can add another VPN connection using this connection type. For me, that was a lifesaver.

Another fix is to update the mac to Monterary Update as the VPN issue is not seen with the latest updates.