How to fix starfield Runway Quest “Door inaccessible” issue ?


In Starfield, many players are seeing bug in the Runaway Quest related to door not opening and the quest itself getting missed from the Game.  In Runway Quest you mission is to deliver the package that you have obtained in a hotel room. But the players are stuck at the point where they have to open the door and proceed further. But the door is not opening and says inaccessible in the Runway Quest.

The Runaway Quest Bug is seen on both Xbox and PC users. There is another issue with the Quest that the Runway Quest missing from the Quest list and Starfield is not showing it anymore.

Starfield Runway Quest “Door inaccessible”

Bugs/ issue reported in the Starfield

After the release of the Game the starfield is reported with many issue, unable to fly ship, NPC issue etc. The game is glitchy and broken in many places. But below are the some of the common issue seen in the Runaway Quest:

  • Runaway quest disappeared Starfield : completely lost the quest from my logs and have no HUD marker
  • Door inaccessible in Runaway quest  :  In a hotel in Neon to speak with Rivkah’s father the door is closed even tho the receptionist gave me permission to go in.

Surly the Starfield Runaway Quest seems to be buggy but there are some ways to fix the issue that are listed below.


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Fix : Runaway quest disappeared

Due to some ongoing issue the Runway Quest stops showing up under “missions” after a while, but you can still find it under “all” in Mission tab which is on the first Tab.

Fix  : Fix – Door inaccessible in Runaway quest

If you are stuck at Runway quest as at the place where you have to go to Neon, then to avoid the door becoming inaccessible you should first go to third floor and not talk to clerk at first moment. Rather first walk close to door until it gives an activity marker and after that go back to the lobby and talk to the clerk about the delivery. Also drop a quick save before entering the place for good measure

Fix : Use Consoel command

If after trying above fix the solution does not work for you, then PC  user can use the console commands, the door has the ID 0033A8F7.

Using the “unlock” command with the ID will open the door, allowing you to enter and confront Natan.


Surely the landing post is buggy in the Starfield that needs to be fixed by the developer of the game. Hopefully this article helps to understand and fix the starfield Runaway issue. Please let us know in comment sections

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