Starfield Can’t Take Ship with Max Piloting Skill “You are not authorized to pilot this ship” 


In the official release of starfield the users are getting error message while trying to operate a ship saying “You are not authorized to pilot this ship”. In normal case the message “You are not authorized to pilot this ship” it simply means player don’t have enough point in piloting skills to fly the Ship. Players needs too upgrade piloting skills to steal a Class B or Class C ship, by default can fly Class A ships.

But Some Starfield Players with max Piloting skill (Rank 4) are also facing issue, whereas Rank 3 is enough for it .  It’s a bit frustrating as the user have put points into piloting skills and still can not steal or fly the ship even having room for extra ship in the fleet. The players are not able to steal different ships in Starfield like  Raptor ship , Grandmas ship in space etc., UC Vanguard Raptor, UC navy.

Starfield issue You are not authorized to pilot this ship

If you are also not able to get or steal the Ship in the Starfield and looking for answer for Why Starfield with Max piloting skill shows error “You are not authorized to pilot this ship” then this article will describe the reasons and fix for it.

Why Starfield Shows “You are not authorized to pilot this ship” while having max or sufficient piloting skills

At first glance the Starfield game seems to be buggy as it seems you can’t steal some ships you come across during certain scripted encounters (like Grandma or the UC survey ship). Some reports points that the issue is only with the UC ships and you won’t be able to steal them. But this is not true and the there is no bugs in the game if you can’t steal a Ship even with required piloting ship. This is happening because the game have update condition for piloting ship.


How to fix Can’t take a ship in Starfield with Piloting Skill “You are not authorized to pilot this ship” ?

If you are not able to get a ship with max piloting skill or seeing issue “starfield not authorized to pilot ship then this could be due to you are not meeting the other conditions like killing all crew. If you have killed Crew inside the ship and not able to take the ship then you should go looking outside for wandering crew. In some cases it may take few hours to find or meet the remaining crew.

Below are the two condition that you should meet to get the Ship :

  1. You should have enough piloting skill ie rank must meet or exceed (rank 3 or 4, allowing Class B and C respectively) the same class as the maximum class of module on the ship.
  2. All crew members must be eliminated by you , even if they aren’t on the ship at the time.

One user reported that he was able to get the left out crew after fours hours

“  waited on the ship for four hours. After that there were crew in the room with me. Last one  said ‘home sweet home’ before I shot him dead. after I took those two guys out I could fly the ship.”


Hope this article helps to understand “why I am unable to fly Ship in Starfield even having piloting skills”. or “starfield not authorized to pilot ship

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