Fix Starfield Audition Quest Bug – Door Not opening/ NPCs Not talking ?


In Starfield Audition Quest many users are reporting bug prompted to go upstairs to meet Briggs. And when Headed with upstairs to talk to Briggs in the Audition quest and while trying to access door the door is now inaccessible and you will not be come back later. The Audition quest Door locked bug is seen on both Xbox Series X, PC users. The door to the upstairs of Madame Savage’s place is locked and needs a key.  

Apart from door not opening in Audition quest there is another bug reported that NPC’s are busy and won’t talk to you and thus you won’t be able to progress the quest. The Audition – Meeting with Biggs seems to be buggy in Starfield and not working.

starfield Audition Quest Bug

If you are also facing same issue in the please try below possible fix for the issue:

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How to fix Audition quest bug – stuck at door not opening and NPC not talking ?

Fix for Door not opening in Audition Quest :

If you are stuck at inaccessible door at the Audition quest then there is workaround to get rid of the issue but it will make you pay bounty. You can get the door unlocked by simply hitting or killing a civilian in the game. Try to punch a civilian or you can even shot the bartender, after go to bounty kiosk and pay the bounty.

Fix for NPC not talking ( for PC users)

 If you are playing the game on Pc then there is workaround to fix Door not opening in Audition quest. Go and stand near to the doorway, and using console command:

00229E5D.moveto player , to force the lady NPC to restart the walk into the office, and the NPC conversation should proceed as normal. This will skip the issue and your quest will progress.

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