Fix Starfield Ground pounder stuck due to door inaccessible issue?


There are many different bugs reporting in the Starfield and one such issue is faced in the Ground pounder quest where you will not be able to Get the door unlocked. The issue is seen by both Xbox and PC users. If you are also facing issue in completing the Groundpunder quest then please read the below details :

Bugs details in Groundpounder Quest ? Starfield

Starfield Groundpounder stuck due to door inaccessible

At the last of the Ground pounder quest while trying to save Torres, You will have to first talk to him. But the Torres is talking in the quest and hunched over on the floor. There you will not be able to complete the quest. The fix it make sure you killed all enemies out of the building

The Starfield players are stuck in the Groundpounder quest bug that they can’t get the door to open to the second marine and it asking to kill all the enemies “ “spacers are still alive” ”but the  spacers you need to kill is spawning inside the locked room.

How to fix Groundpounder Door locked Issue in Starfield ?

There is a workaround to fix the issue. If you are stuck in Groundpounder Quest and doors are not opening then this could be due to soft lock issue in the Quest. To fix it try killing the NPCs behind the locked door and after that restarted and the quest and it should work fine. Surely Bethesda needs to look into these bugs for permanent fix.


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