How to fix Valorant Alt+Tab laggin/ stutter issue ?


Valorant, which is a free first-person shooter game, which have both Counter Strike and Overwathc element touch. The game is released in 2020 and now quite popular among EA sports community. 

But it seem like that Game is still have lots of bugs and issue in it like cyber crash player randomly spawning in Deathmatch. 

How to fix Valorant Alt+Tab laggin/ stutter issue ?
Valorant alt tab lag issue

One such issue that is faced by the users is Valorant player are seeing lag or desynchronise while trying Alt+Tab to switch out of the game. There is a visible lag in switching out and switching back in Game. Many users also see ping spikes, hight latency, and FPS drop while using Alt+Tab. 

This issue makes player to hard switch back and forth in the game. The players are afraid of using Alt+ tab as it will impact game FPS badly and you may have to restart the game to get out of it. 


The lag is quite significant in the game like if you try switch graphics settings shots will be delayed for about 10 seconds until it fixes itself. alt-tab also often disables side mouse binds. 

How to fix Alt+Tab lag/ desync in Valorant ?

There are some workaround that you may try to fix lag or  desync issue. 

Fix :  Disable Full screen Optimization

To fix Alt-tab lag issue in Valorant try unchecking the “disable full screen optimization” in the game settings. 

Lag delay occurring after alt tab in the game does not happen if you screen optimization was disabled.

Fix : Graphic Card settings

For NVIDIA graphics card, try toggling NVIDIA Reflex off and back on seems to be doing the trick for some players and for AMD users you can try turning the resolution down and back to what it was to fix the desync.


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