How to fix Starfield Auto Turrets Not Working ?


Many Starfield players are facing issue that Starfield Ship Auto turret not working or firing.  After putting some turrets on the ship it is not firing as expected.  When engaged into a fight on Starfield, turrets were doing nothing. This seems to be bug in turret function in Starfield as the reload from previous save works just fine.

The Starfield have a great opening and million of users are active after its official release. But there are lots of issue reported with the Starfield like mods not working in Starfield. While some other Starfield players are reporting that the turrets are not working and all are stuck facing the direction of the last ship that was engaged.

Surely the Starfield /Bethesda still needs to bug fix a lot of issues as the game release version seems auto turrets are buggy. If you are also facing the issue auto turret not working or firing, then in this article we have listed some possible fix for the issue.

How to fix Starfield Auto Turrets Not Working ?

Why Starfield Auto turret not working or Firing

The primary reason why auto turret not working are not working are :


– The enemies are Not in range of turret.
– Turrets are not aligned correctly toward enemies. If the turrets are not in right direction or not aligned correctly or facing the wrong direction, it won’t shoot anything.

– lack of required skill for starship design

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How to Fix Starfield Auto turret not working or Firing

Firing of Turret is actually depending on the direction, they don’t have a 360° firing arc and they may be aiming towards your ship and enemies might be out of their view or range. 


To ensure turrets work in auto mode, make sure that the turrets are oriented towards enemies so they can fire. If the turrets are pointed down into own ship or backwards, it won’t work or fire . To change orientation of the Turrets Go to ship builder, selected the turret, click the “flip” button until they all faced forward towards enemies.

Further note that the range for auto turrets is short and you short be close enough for those auto turrets to start firing. You also need the required skill to be able to use Turrets in ships.

Hope this article helps to understand Turrets not working in Starfield , please let us know in comment section.

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