Why Starfield Set Course Not Working ? PS/XBOX


Many Starfield players are facing issue that Starfield set course not working. Players are  able to get to set a course to anywhere. This is confusing as this has put purpose of Set course in question. If one can’t set a course for some quests/missions from the mission page, then what is point of having “Set Course ” in Starfield. The issue is seen on all different devices like PS4,5 and Xbox one, Series X etc.. The issue is like you can not jump from point A to point C directly even if you know the path and you will have to go like A to B and then B to C, which seem to extra work for many players.

Starfield set course not working, greyed out

While trying to jump to next planet the “Set Course” is grayed out. As per the Game the “Set Course” means “Grav Jump to specified planet.” You cannot fly there at sub-light speed. But it seems like the users are not able to use the Set Course properly or the there is a bug in the Starfield.

One user reported

seriously i don’t understand it either. how is it plotted, if i literally have to open my map and warp to each point? i only see my last destination in the hud, how is that even helpful if it just opens your map?”


Why Starfield set course not working ? Xbox & PS

Starfield set course not working 2023

If Set Course is grayed out for you in the game then this could be due to intent behavior of the Game. This seems to be done in order to collect more reward in the path that you may need in next mission. You should look at the chart system first. If you haven’t been through one and made some form of progress, you won’t be able to go through all of them using the Set Course.  It will look like a Starfield expects you to travel to each red dot turn it white to get there. If you upgrade your engines and or take astrodymacs you can get from one place to other with a lot less jumping. You may need to travel 3 systems to get to a location, so look at the chart map and travel each individually.

Hope this helps to understand on why Starfield set course not working. Please let us know in comment section.

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