Quick Fix for “Starfield Mods Not Working”


A recent bug Starfield Mods not working is reported by many players after its official release. This is happening while trying to load Vortex from Nexus Mods or trying to load the mods manually. Mod installed and vortex says enabled but not working. If Starfield mods are not working are not working for you then this article will help you to fix the issue.

The Starfield not working in due to technical bug and is caused by improper configuration files (.INI) files in the Game. To fix the issue you will have to edit Open StarfieldCustom.ini. Below we have listed the steps for that.

Starfield Mods not working

How to fix Starfield Mods not working

Fix : Edit StarfieldCustom.ini

One other reason for Starfield Mods not working is StarfieldCustom.ini had invalid characters in the text, The solution is to open the StarfieldCustom.ini in a text editor (like Notepad++) and manually typed in the text, resulting in a completely functioning ini doc. To locate the .ini file Check in your Onedrive folder if you have it, it’s usually there if not in the main folder. Path is “Onedrive” —> “Documents” —> “My Games”.

  • Open StarfieldCustom.ini with something like Notepad++
  • In the Notepad++ Use View, Symbol, Show all and see if there are hidden characters in the file.
  •  Delete and save if this is the case.

Also make sure to place the mods in both your My Games folder and the game’s Data folders.


Fix : Run EXE File

There is another solution to fix Starfield Mods not working is to launch the game as admin. Find and start sfse_loader.exe as admin and then the mods would work. This seems to work for most of the users.

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