Music Playlist order different on iPhone and MacBook?


Many iPhone users are facing issue with Apple music that the playlist shows different sequence on iPhone nad Macbook. Suppose if an album is sorted by “Album by Artist”, but when sync it to iPhone, the order is different. This is happening on the latest iPhone 13 and iPhone 11 , iOS 15 also, macbook pro show totally different order of songs then iPhones.

Music Playlist order different on iPhone and MacBook?
different playlist order on iPhone and mac

If Apple music playlist order is not same then you may try removing the playlist completely my iPhone and then now do the resyncing again. This will refresh the list and update the orders of songs.

Another solution for the issue is In iTunes, click on the playlist you want to change. Go to View > Show View Options > View As: “Songs” & Sort By: “Name.” Exit out of that menu. Click on the section labeled “Name” in the actual playlist and it’ll be alphabetized for you. If you have a Smart Playlist, it will automatically change your playlist on your iPhone/iPad. If not, you may have to right click on the playlist name and click update.

Other solution is On Mac>Music highlight the playlist in question


In the view tab make sure “as Songs” is checked

Still in view tab>Sort by>Title

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each playlist

Sync iPhone with Mac and


Playlist should be in alphabetical order on both phone and Mac

Hope this works for you.

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