Disable the New on screen Caps Lock Indicator in macOS Sonoma ?


The new caps lock indicator from Apple in macOS Sonoma is making trouble for many users specially while trying to use a screen sharing software, when using Remote Desktop Connection, the new macOS Caps Lock Warning indicator floats in the middle of the Remote Desktop screen is very annoying . Some software like video editor uses the caps lock as key and evetime you press it the indicator on the MacBook turns ON.

The on screen macOS Sonoma Caps lock icons is real trouble for video editor or software users like AutoCAD work where annotations are in all caps and the users wanted it OFF.

disable new caps lock indicator macOS sonoma

Basically my video editing system uses the caps-lock to toggle certain audio on/off (there’s no way around that) so I need to keep caps lock ON to hear what I’m working on!
I think the solution is to just wait for an update for my screen-sharing software
.”  (source )

Some users have given thumbs up to the new feature but many users on Facebook, Twitter are asking for option to disable the new CAPS lock indicator on MAC.

How to turn OFF on Screen Blue Indicator/ CAPS lock indicator in macOS Sonoma

Many MacBook users who upgraded to macOS Sonoma are now wanted a solution to turn OFF the blue Caps lock indicator. As of now, it appears you cannot disable CAPS lock indicator on macOS Sonoma and Apple have not given any setting option to turn if OFF.


This CAPS lock indicator makes sense in normal scenarios but for user using video editing or other software this feature may prove as annoying.

Surely Apple should have added an option to toggle this feature but if you want this feature to added into next release then provide a feedback to Apple.

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