Fix Baldur’s Gate 3 Texture Not Loading/Poor Graphics on PS5 ?


Dungeons & Dragons tabletop role-playing Game Baldur’s Gate 3 is reported with poor Graphic issue on the PS5. In HDMR mode the  BG3 graphic seemed to be with too much contrast, like an oil painting and game appears broken. Sometimes the character design would look awful, other times a building may not load.  

Baldur Gate is facing many issue on the PS5 like game takes longer to load and half the textures don’t load or load slowly/poor quality texture bug is across the Game on PS5 Like sometimes the Baldur’s Gate characters would be very stiff, and buildings and some fauna won’t load in.

Why Texture not loading normally in Baldur Gate : PS 5

Fix Baldur's Gate 3 Texture Not Loading/Poor Graphics on PS5 ?

Baldur’s Gate poor color contrast in game scene is most probably the issue is with graphic driver overloaded or not working properly due to some issue in the Game.  Also there could be issue in HDR mode not implemented correctly. Restarting the console temporarily fixes the texture issues but it starts again eventually. If you are also facing this issue then please try using the below fix :

How to fix Texture not loading normally in Baldur Gate on PS5?

Fix : Toggle HDR mode

To fix Baldur Gate texture issue on PS5, toggle HDR mode OFF & ON. Go to Settings > Screen and Video. Select Video Output > Adjust HDR. Seems like there is issue in the Game with HDR mode.  Turing the HDR off and restarting the game and then turning HDR back on works for many game users.


Fix : Turn HDR and Deep Color off

If above solution does not help to fix the BG3 texture issue then try to Turn HDR and Deep Color off launch the game then turn those back ON.

Turn HDR off on PlayStation settings then restart the game in SDR. It is workaround and makes the game playable then until HDR fixed.

 Also you can try to turned ON “Slow HDD Mode” and turn off “Dynamic Crowds” and this also seems to work fine now.

Fix : Adjust HDR

The texture issue in the BG3 game on PS5 is due to ongoing but and  the team is currently looking into this issue. In the meantime, please try the following workaround:


Go to Settings -> Screen and Video -> Adjust HDR -> at 3/3 (Black Point), increase this value by 1. This will improve the texture in the Game without turning OFF the HDR mode.

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