iPhone 14 Alarm sound changes with Media/ringer volume Change?


With the latest iOS update many users are reporting issue with the iPhone 14/15alarm that the alarm volume same as ringer volume. When you try to change the ringer volume in an iPhone the alarm volume also changes to the same level.

iphone alarm volume changes  form side buttons

This is surely a bug as the alarm volume should not be affected by the iPhone ringer volume. This is annoying as if iPhone volume is down, alarm volume will also be down. Rebooting iPhone or deleting and adding new alarms does not seems to fix the issue.

To fix the issue try changing the sound and haptics on your iPhone. Go to settings>sounds &haptics >turn OFF change with buttons. This seems to work for most of the users.

If still the iPhone alarm keep changing with iPhone volume/ side buttons, then you should try to rest iPhone setting to default. This will fix any software glitches in the iPhone. To reset iPhone go to General-> Reser or Transfer-> Reset all settings.


Your iPhone will reboot and once the phone is up check if this fixes the issue.

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