How to fix Starfield Matters of the Hart Bug  “wait for Sam to contact Lillian.” ?


Starfield is reported with many bugs and issues. Even after the recent 9/13 update, there are plenty of bugs in the Game. One such issue is players are stuck at  Matters of the Hart quest due to various bugs. Different players at different point in the quest experiencing different bugs. Below is the listed of some bugs reported in the Quest. The Starfield Matters of the Hart Bug is seen on both Xbox Series X and PC users.

If you are also facing bugs then below are the list of frequent bug in the game and if you have faced a new bug the please let us know in comment section.

Starfield Matters of the Hart Bug
  • fix Matters of the Hart Bug – Lillian bit Sam and Cora are at the blood stain not talking or doing anything an I can’t find anything

Fix   : There’s a dataslate on the floor behind the couch

  • Matters of the Hart quest bug stuck at “wait for Sam to contact Lillian.” 

Fix : Go back outside and head down the trail that has the light bar thingy at the start of it. Down there Sam and Cora will reappear out in a field. From there just walk up to them, it will go to a cut scene where Sam calls Lillian.

  • No enemies at secret door “Matters of the Hart quest”:

Fix: Try clearing out the Ecliptics, and you should be able to find Sam in a field, after which the quest should proceed without issues. If that does not work, Reload the game from the save or try fast travel to Ship.

Fix : Skip Stage using console command (PC user only)

Matters of the Hart quest is buggy and different bugs are reported with it. If you are a PC users and stuck in Matters of the Hart quest bug then you can skip the stage using the console. The console option is not available for XBOX users though.

 To skip the stage type “setstage 00263262 1400” without the quotations, that’s skips it to the stage after you are supposed to kill the enemies out the ships.

Please note that setstage 00263262 1400″, The “1400” parameter is which stage in the quest that was stuck for me.


You can check quest stages with this command (no quotations)

“sqo 00263262”

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