Xbox Series X won’t shutdown or restart 2023 ?


Xbox Series X , Xbox One users are facing issue that they are not able to turn off their Xbox. After playing games for about an hour on Xbox One / X becomes extremely unresponsive.   The issue that Apps won’t launch on Xbox and and even if you try to power down or reset , it won’t work.

This seems to be some issue with the Xbox as games stop loading and to fix the game loading problem, you can’t restart the box from the guide.

Xbox Series X won’t shutdown or restart 2023 ?
xbox one/X not rebooting 2023

The issue is bit annoying in different version of Xbox like Xbox 360, Xbox One and X series. The xbox started doing it randomly and it was working nicely before that. There are no issues when the Xbox is ON, it is just when you try to turn it off it won’t shut off and will stuck at blinking.

Why Xbox not turning off and Restart ?

Xbox might not turn off quickly as it may be checking for software update and downloading or installing that. Some updates in the system is done only during the shutdown process and that what Xbox is doing in this case. Some update might be big or your slow internet  connection could also cause it.


Apart from this the issue could be due to some software glitch. To fix that please read below solution and give them a try.

Please do not Unplug Xbox:

Some users after frustration are unplugging the power cord and there are chances that Xbox might be in middle of an update and unplugging down the power in between can cause severe issues like not turning ON. Many users after doing this mistake are reporting that the light on the power box keeps turning off whenever they try to plug the power cord back in the console but the Xbox won’t turn ON.

How to fix Xbox not rebooting or turning off

Solution : Hold on the power button

If Xbox is not shutting off or rebooting to quickly fix the issue as workaround would be to hold and press power button of Xbox for few seconds and it should shut down immediately.

Solution : Turn off Background Updates downloads

If you Xbox is frequently facing the issue and not turning off , then it could be due to various reason like stuck on download some updates etc. To fix that you can disable background downloads in the Settings Menu.


Solution : Wait for Some time

Xbox may not be able to execute commands if it is too hot. So please give it some time to cool down and once the temperature becomes normal it will reboot or shut down normally.

Solution : Hard reset Xbox

If still the issue is not fixed and Xbox X is not turning off and keeps flashing then this could be due to some software glitch. T fix that power down the Xbox X/ One, unplug it, wait for 10-20 seconds, plug everything back in and power it back on.


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