iOS 17 AirPrint Not Working “No AirPrint Printers Found” ? iPhone 14/ Canon


Many iPhone 12,14  users after updating to iOS 17 are reporting issue that they are facing issue while Air printing from their iPhone. While trying to Air print from Email or any other app it keeps saying “No AirPrint Printers Found”. Similar issue is reported on iPadOS 17 not able to AirPrint.

iPhone "No AirPrint Printers Found" after iOS 17 update

The older iOS 16 never had an issue with the Printer and it was working fine when iPhone was on iOS 16. But the iOS 17 update seem to break the Air Print on iPhone as one user stated

“Canon image class MF232w printe Not working with iPhone, installed iOS 17 on my iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPad Pro….when I try to print anything…Printer shows: “No Printer Selected””

Majorly the issue is reported with the Brother, Canon printer ( Canon LB113,  Canon image class , MF232w)are not able to connect to iPhone 13,14 etc. after updating the iPhone to latest iOS 17.

Why AirPrint Not working after iOS 17 Update on iPhone and iPad:

If AirPrint is not working on your iPhone after updating to iOS 17 then this could be issue with the printer not updated to latest firmware. One reddit user reported the iOS 17 seems to have issue with printer whose firmware is not updated in last 1-2 years.


How to fix AirPrint Not working after iOS 17 Update on iPhone and iPad : Canon/ brother/ Samsung printer

Reboot all devices

The iOS 17 update could cause some software glitches in the iPhone settings or connection between Printer and iPhone. To fix AirPrint not working due to any software glitch after updating the iPhone to iOS 17 make sure to reboot all devices. First turn OFF all devices iPhone/ iPad, printer, router and then back on again.

Update Printer Firmware

If you have not updated the Printer firmware then Check for any firmware update as the latest updates are tested  and working with iOS 17 support. To update the Canon printer firmware press Menu button, scroll to System Management settings, press OK, scroll to Update Firmware, Press OK, scroll to Via Internet, press OK. The update usually takes 5-15 minutes to complete.

Update printer firmware to fix AirPrint not working on iOS 17

Delete VPN & Reset Network settings :

If you have installed VPN on your iPhone or network then this could cause AirPrint not to connect with the iPhone and result in errors like “No AirPrint Printers Found”. To fix that DELETE VPN app from the iPhone. To delete any VPN profiles installed on your phone from Settings/General/VPN & Device Management. After deleting the VPN profile make sure to reboot the iPhone and it should detect the Printer now.

delete vpn to fix AirPrint not working on iOS 17

Also reset the network settings >Tap General > Tap Transfer or Reset Phone >Tap  Reset > Tap Reset Network Settings


Hope this will fix “No AirPrint Printers Found” issue on iPhone/iPad after iOS 17 update.

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