How to Fix iPhone 15 Not Vibrating in Silent Mode ?


Many iPhone 15 users are facing issue that there is no vibration in silent mode. While all settings are enable still the iPhone 15 does not vibrate in silent mode for calls and notifications. There are lots of new iPhone 15 users affected by this issue (source).

Due to this iPhone 15 and 15 Pro users are missing important calls and messages in silent mode.  Vibration in silence mode seems to be bugged in the new iPhone. Some users tried rebooting the iPhone  but that does not seems to fix the issue.

fix for iPhone 15 Not Vibrating in Silent Mode

One reddit user reported

“On iPhone 15, no vibration notification at all unless I also enable Banners, but I don’t want my notifications showing up as a banner on the phone.”


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How to fix iPhone 15 Pro not vibrating in Silent mode ?

If iPhone 15 is not vibrating for incoming calls and messages then you should update haptics settings. On iPhone 15 Go to Settings – sounds and Haptics- choose always play – scroll down and choose Text (example) then choose the type of haptic you want or you can also create a custom haptic.

You should also check how notification delivery is set on iPhone 15. Go to Settings>Notifications >Messages>Notification Delivery and make sure to set it as immediate. If it is set to schedule the iPhone 15 may not vibrate for notification.

Other reason could be you are using a heavy case on the iPhone 15. Like if you are using a  rocking magnetic case, it can be interfering with your iPhone 15 haptics. Just try removing the case and see if this helps.

At last you can try to reset iPhone 15 settings to default. As during resorating backup some glitches may occur in iPhone. You should reset iPhone settings >General>Transfer or reset iPhone> Reset All settings. This will reset iPhone to default setting and check if this fixes iPhone 15 vibration issue.


It was set to “scheduled” instead of immediate. I’ve never touched this setting ever.

If this does not help you then You can try to contact support yourself and explain issue to them.

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