How to fix Starfield Into The unknown Quest Bug “Scanner not detecting Anomaly”?


After completing the two first quest in the Starfield the players are stuck with “Into The unknown” Quest Bug where the scanner is not detecting the Anomaly. After Opening the Hand Scanner you are expected to see the distortions on the edges of the white circle, which will point you in the right direction to temple. But the Scanner on the Quest is not working. The scanner never fuzzes as expected.

No matter how hard you tried but the scanner is not starting to distort and detect the anomaly.  This is annoying issue as  the scanner never registered the anomaly.

starfield Scanner not detecting Anomaly bug

 Due to this you will not get any idea where this temple is on said planet and no way to get the directions to the temple. If you are also facing the issue, please try below solution to fix Starfield Into The unknown Quest Bug “Scanner not detecting Anomaly

How to fix Starfield “Into The unknown Quest” Bug “Scanner not detecting Anomaly: Xbox/ PC

Fix : Walk in all directions

Please note that the Scanner will not show temple, pay attention to the circle around your reticle  in scan mode.  Start walking in all the directions, until that large circle on your scanner starts twitching and start walking that way and it should be more Intense.


If you are able to fly up very high, try that and you might also notice some large structure in the distance around.

Fix : Return to orbit and wait for some time

If above solution does not help then try returning  to orbit and waiting there for few hours.  Afte that when you re-land on the planet,ensure to pick the  Scanner Anomaly Site, usually in temples are in 800 meter radius. If you land anywhere else by accident, the temple won’t appear on the map and you won’t be able to find it.

Fix : Skip finding the temple from command (PC user only)

 If you’re stuck on into the uknown quest then  on PC you have option to skip finding temple using console comman.

Use console command “setstage 000160A9 600” to skip the finding the temple.



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