How to fix Samsung solar Remote Not Charging?


Many Samsung users are reporting issue that Samsung solar remote not Charging, the issue started randomly with the remote and all of sudden the Samsung remote solar stopped working and appears that the Solar remote is having issue in charging itself. The

Samsung remote doesn’t charge via solar is faced by user primary using the remote for more than a year. After few years of usage the solar remote is not working and does not charge. Some user under warranty period are able to get the remote replaced but it is not possible to all users who have expired warranty.

Samsung solar Remote not Charging

How to fix Samsung Solar remote not Charing ?

If Samsung Solar remote not Charing or stopped working then below are some possible fix for you:

Try Charing by USB-C Port

If your Samsung Solar remote is not charging then this could be issue in its solar panel not working properly. Alternatively to charge the Samsung Solar remote try connecting to power source using USB-C port connection. This seems to work for most of the users.


Clear Samsung TV Sensor Area

Make sure that the  there are no obstructions like plastic packaging blocking the remote from receiving sun light. A Solar Remote with packaging attached may not work or charge properly.

Unpair and repair again

If the Samsung solar is not working then you should try to repair your remote to TV again. To pair your Solar remote to your Samsung smart TV, press and hold the Return button and the Play/Pause button for about three seconds. Your TV should then prompt you to complete the pairing process.

Check battery condition

Usually a solar battery should last for 2-3 years and you can check status of battery from the settings. To check battery status of Samsung solar remote

  • On remote, Press the “Home” button to go to the home screen.
  • Go to “Settings“.
  • Scroll down and tap on “General” > “Power Energy Saving“
  • You should see the battery percentage on this screen.

If the battery percentage is not increasing after solar charge then there may be issue in the batteries as well.


Reset the remote

If the Samsung remote  is not charging from solar then this could be glitch in the remote software. To fix that try resetting the remote. To do that first Remove the batteries from your remote.->Press and hold the Power button for about ten seconds. ->Reinsert the batteries. Now you need to repair the remote with the Tv again. Check again if the solar remote is able to charge now.

Update software

If none of the above solution helped you then please considering updating the software to latest version. Please check in remote setting for any pending updates and install them at the earliest for latest bug fixes.


What is warranty period of Samsung Solar remote?

The warranty period of Samsung Solar remote is 01 year, but this can vary on different countries.

How to replace faulty Samsung Solar remote

Please contact Samsung support and ask for further help.

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