How to fix Foxel Remote Not working : iq4/3?


Foxtel is a leading TV company operating in cable TV, IPTV stream service etc. But recently many users are complaining about the Foxtel remote , that the Foxtel remote is not working. The  foxtel remote not working and showing red light. 

How to fix Foxel Remote Not working : iq4/3?

Not only red light but also the iq4 is showing blue light. Many users are facing this issue as well foxtel remote not working blue light flashing iq4, and remote does not respond. The iq4, iq3 and iq2 also have such issue where the Foxtel remote is not working at all and does not respond.  If you are also facing issue with the Foxtel remote then please try below steps :

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How to fix Foxtel Remote Not working : iq4/3/2/1 ?

Fix : Replace battery

In most of the cases a weak battery is the reason for such cases. You will see light on the remote but the signal will not reach the box. To fix that try replacing the batteries in the remote (in most cases, replacing the batteries will fix the issue). Replace the batteries with new AA batteries and then put the battery cover back on (in many cases, replacing the batteries will fix the remote issues).


Fix: Reboot the box 

A normal reboot to the box may solve connection related issue. try restarting your box. To do that Turn the power point off and wait 10 seconds.Turn the power point back on. This will reboot the box, which will take a few minutes.

Fix : Repair the devices

If Foxtel remote is not working or reposting then the issue could be due to software glitch between remote and device. To fix that you should try to reestablish the connection. 

  1. On your remote, press and hold down the Foxtel and Select buttons for approximately 4 seconds, until the LED light flashes blue twice.
  1. Release the buttons (your remote should now be unpaired).
  2. Now try again to pair the devices 

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