How to Fix Xfinity WiFi Not Working :Android/iPhone/PC 


Xfinity wifi not working “ : Xfinity which is one of the largest High Speed Internet and Home Phone Services provider seems to be reported WiFi Not working on iPhone, Android , PC, laptop etc.Many users are reporting that Xfinity WiFi not working  and issues is faced from different parts of USA. Some users report that they are able to connect to the Xfinity WiFi but no network. 

The issue started randomly and users phone is not able to connect to Xfinity hotspot/Wifi, but the same phone works with other Networks WiFi. Welcome to SkyLineStudy and in this article we will list some fix for Xfinity WiFi  Not Working  issue on your Web browser like chrome, Safari, Mozilla, iPhone , iPad or Android phone. 

Xfinity WiFi Not Working

If you are also suddenly unable to access internet on Xfinity or WiFi is not working on Xfinity the you are not alone as many other users also facing this issue including  “Why is my phone not connecting to xfinity wifi hotspot android”  “Xfinity wifi not working on iPhone” “Xfinity wifi not working after reset” “xfinity wifi hotspot login Not working” “Xfinity internet will randomly disconnect ”etc

Why is my Phone,Laptop/PC not connecting to Xfinity WiFi hotspot ?

Below are the possible reason why Xfinity WiFi will not working on your device: :


Common reasons  Xfinity WifiNot Working:

  • Xfinity  Server Issue or schedule maintenance:: If there is some in the servers or scheduled maintenance is going on the Xfintiy side , then the WiFi at your workplace will also not work.
  • Xfinity  Network issue: If there is ongoing issue in the network of Xfinity than you will face service outage. 
  • Issue at user end : If user have done some local changes in the network or security settings then misconfiguration can also cause the Wifi not working issue on the devices. 
  • Device Issue: If some particular device/iPhone/laptop is unable to access the Xfinity WiFi than this could be issue in the device, either in configuration of hardware failure.

How to Fix “Xfinity WiFi Not Working”?

Xfinity  offer lots of services like Home phone service , internet sercie, TV to its mobile, Residential and Business users. If Xfinity  Wifiis Not Working for you then you can try below listed possible support:

1. Directly plug to router

If Xfinity  WifiNot Working on your device, try to plug or connect directly into router via Ethernet (using LAN cable) and see if you are able to access internet on the device. If you are able to aceess the Xfinity network then the issue could be in the network configuration for WiFi.

2. Restart the Modem

If still, Xfinity  WifiNot Working problem is occurring then you should try restarting the modem and router. Power off the Modem and wait for 15 seconds and power on it again. A quick restart of modem and Router seems to fix the issue.


3. Third party Routers and Modem

If WiFi is not working on your phone, laptop on Xfinity then this could be issue in the Router or modem. Using other company router and modem is causing this issue to many users. You can switch to TP-Link Archer AX1500 and other option available. 

How to Fix Xfinity WiFi Not Working :Android/iPhone/PC 

4.  Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

If Xfinity WiFi is not working for your device  then could also be issue with your browser /glitch.  To fix that you should first try with clearing the cache and cookies in your device. On your Chrome browser->Tap on Three Dots on Top Right Corner.->Tap on More Tool Option -> Tap on Clear Browsing Data.-> Check the boxes next to Cached Images and Files and Cookies and Other Site Data.->Now Tap on Clear Data.

This will fix any issue related to Wifi not Working on Chrome/Browser with Xfinity.

If you are not able to use the Xfinity WiFi on the Android Phone :

To clear the cache of Wifi(only Android phone), Go to > Settings > Apps > chrome> Clear Cache and data. Reboot the phone and check if this fixes the issue.

For iPhone user, to clear the data from the browser you should reboot the iPhone and try opening the Wifiagain.

 5. Disable VPN

 If you are using any VPN software/apps on your phone then this could be issue and can cause “Xfinity  WifiNot Working” properly. VPN changes the IP address frequently. Hence Xfinity  may decide to block you due to suspicious activities. Try disabling the VPN first and check if this fixes the issue.

6. Update your device to connect Xfinity WiFi

Since to join the Xfinity Hotspot you have to login on the pop up window, and many users are not able to get the login window on their device. This could be due to issue in their device outdated software/firmware. Please update your device to latest version available. You can check this in setting of your device and see if there are any pending updates.

7. Wait for sometimes

If you are unable to connect to Xfinity Hotspot then this could be issue with Xfinity  server, and such issues gets auto resolved after sometime. You may have to wait for even couple of days but the issue will get fixed on its own.  

8. Contact Support

If you are facing issue like not able to connect Xfinity hotspot  or Xfinity  Wifi etc , then please contact the support here and explain you problem to them.

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Conclusion: Hope this article “Xfinity  Wifi Not Working” helped you to understand the issue and helped you? Do tell us by commenting below.

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