How to fix PS5 Controller headphone jack Not working ?


PS5 which is a huge success and as a game lover you might always wanted to use it to make it with all features. The PS5 comes with great hardware upgrades and performance improvements. 

But recently some of PS5 users are facing issue with its headphone jack not working. The issue started randomly with PS5 controller and suddenly headphone jack stopped working.  New controller which came with the PS5 Headphone jack does not recognise the headset anymore.

How to fix PS5 Controller headphone jack Not working ?
PS5 headphone not working ?

There can be software or hardware box in PS five that can cause headphone jack failure. But in most of the cases it is related to hardware issue. Due to this the headphone on PS five may stop permanently or works with poor audio.

How to fix headphone not working with PS5 Controller ?

Fix: Try cleaning the jack port

In most of the cases that issue is with Jake of the controller. Which could be affected with dust or alignment defect. To fix that try with a Q tip and cleaning the the headphone jack port out (you may also use some cleaning chemical having alcohol) . Clean gently and try to use the headset again.


 To remove any dust particle take some compressed air(blower) and blow out the port. If this still does not help, try lightly tapping the port in by using a toothpick. 

Fix : Use Electrical Tape

The PS 5 controller headset still does not work for you then you can try to use the workaround which seems to work for most of the user where the controller Jack had some alignment issue.

Use an electrical tape on the jack n plug it, this will fix any broken connections issue with PS5 controller and headsets. 

Fix : Contact Support

  If none of the above solution helped you to fix the issue then contact PS5 support and ask for replacement. If your PS5 is in warranty period you can ask for free replacement. 


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