How to fix COD Cold War asking me to Purchase the Game again ?


Many COD Black ops Cold war player on Xbox are reporting issue that while they have purchased the game, it is asking again to purchase it.  The Game is downloaded and user was playing it for weeks now all of a sudden the game locked out and it’s asking to purchase the game again.

How to fix COD Cold War asking me to Purchase the Game again ?

Call of duty asking to repurchase the game

Owning cold war and telling to buy it again issue is not limited to only few user, but many user specially on Xbox one,X, 360 are reporting the issue across the world.

When user checked the store it says that users do own it and too launch the game. But When you will launch the game after pressing A to log to next screen it tells to purchase the game. Which is irritating.

How to fix COD  Cold War asking to purchase game again even though I already own it?

Fix :  download the content packs


There are like 5 or 6 content packs iirc. Try to install them one after other.

  • Go to the store, and click on ‘manage’ then check for any extra content that needs to be installed with the game.,
  • Click and install it
  • they installed and it works.

If you already have all the packs installed, go into the store>find the game>go to choose edition>manage>and reninstall all the content packs(shouldn’t take long if you have them already).

Fix :  uninstall stitch bundle

 One common reason for Xbox user to see repeated request to purchase the game again is stitch bundles. If you purchased the Stitch Gilded bundle that was $20 and had items and 2400 cod points included, that was the bug! I uninstalled that pack from my console and kept the items in game and now it works just fine



Detailed steps to fix COD duplicate request to purchase Cold war is shown below, please try them on your Xbox and check if it helps:

  • Close the game down on Xbox.
  • Hover over the game and press the menu button to bring up the sub menu.
  • Select ‘manage game and add-ons’.
  • Select ‘saved data’.
  • This should take you to a page where you see your gamer pic with saved data and reserved space.
  • Select saved data (gamer pic) and ‘delete from console only’
  • Then select reserved space and delete that.
  • Restart the game and this should work.

Fix :

Other method to fix Game asks me to purchase when I already own it :

Go to My Games & Apps>Cold War>Manage Installation>Saved Data>Now you should see 2 options. 
1. Your Gamertag with 1.1mb >Select – Delete from Console
2. Reserved Space > Clear reserved space.

Fix : Sign out

if you are getting repurchase request from COD As a last option you should try to sign out of live then sign back in. This will fix any issue with your account and console. Just give it a try.

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