How to fix Instagram Reels keep freezing on WiFi ?


Instagram is now one the biggest content creator platform that lets you create and share interesting content to your followers. After TikTok the Instagram has really picked up and have millions of users using it.

But recently many users are facing issue in playing reels on Instagram that the Instagram reels are freezing in middle and stuck forever. This is annoying issue as the users are unable to use Instagram with wifi but works on mobile data. The issue is face on Android Samsung S21/S22,Pixel, OnePlus,, iOS, iPhone, iPad etc and all the platforms are reported by many users.

How to fix Instagram Reels keep freezing on WiFi ?
Instagram reels freezing on WiFi

The reels video freezing on Instagram started randomly on the device and not only reels but the story on the Instagram is also not loading and keeps on freezing.  It could be either phone or app issue , but it looks

How to fix Instagram Video/reels Freezing on iPhone, iOS, Samsung ?

Fix : Use Browsers

Try opening Instagram in the browser in your phone. If it loads the problem is in the app, if not the problem is probably in the system AdBlock (you’ll need to allow access to IG sites in the AdBlock).


Fix : Try restarting router

Since the issue of Instagram reels freezing is seen only of Wifi, therefore the issue could be linked to WiFi /router issue. To fix such issues first turn off the router, keep it unplugged for 10 minutes. Restart the router and check if it works.

Fix : Try to toggle Full screen

If Instagram reels or video are freezing, then you can try to toggle full screen mode and profile mode of video. Check if switching the mode helps you.

General Troubleshooting steps to fix Instagram reels freezing :

  • Deleting app data / cache data
  • reinstalling Instagram
  • installing an older version of Instagram
  • restarting the device multiple times
  • turning on/off airplane mode
  • forgetting the wifi network and reconnecting
  • restarting the wifi router
  • Update the phone to latest firmware


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