How to fix Chromecast with Google tv remote not working ?


Many Google TV users are facing issue with Chromecast not working with Google TC remote. The issues started to happen randomly and Google TV Chromecast remote decided to stop working. While in other case only some buttons of Google remote stopped working like the Google TV remote suddenly act up and only volume control buttons work. The rest of the buttons are not responsive. 

For some uses the Google TV remote is not working after the update it received. As it failed to update the TV remote and now the users are stuck with issue. To fix this we have listed some possible solutions to fix the issue, please try them and let us know in comment section :

How to fix Chromecast with Google tv remote not working ?
Chromecast not working with Google remote

How to fix Chromecast Not working with Google TV remote :

Fix : Try to repair

As a simple troubleshooting steps, Try putting new batteries in the remote and then pairing it with the Chromecast (using the button on the Chromecast to start the pairing process).

  1. Check that the batteries in the remote have remaining charges.
  2. Remove the batteries from the remote. press and hold the home button
  3. While holding the button, reinsert the batteries.
  4. Hold the button while the led light is solid.
  5. When the light starts pulsing, release the button.

Fix: Reset

Another solution to fix Chromecast not working with Google remote is ;  Go to the settings (top right corner option under your Google icon) and go to the remotes and accessories and forget the remote. So now you can try and pair. If that doesn’t work we need to reset the remote. Start looking for a new device while that is happening remove the batteries and hold the home button. Replace the batteries while holding the home button. There is a light on the bottom of the remote that will come on. When it starts pulsing then it will appear on the device list and you can select it using your phone.


Fix : Google recommended Steps

To fix Chromecast And Google TV remote issue:

  1. Disconnect the power from the Chromecast device
  2. take batteries out of the remote
  3. place remote face down on my desk, pressing all face buttons
  4. put batteries back in the remote while still holding down (the light turned off!)
  5. connect power to the chromecast and allow it to reboot
  6. press the sync button on the chromecast device
  7. press the BACK and HOME buttons on the remote (as instructed by the Chromecast)
  8. wait for the remote to connect
  9. Check again

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