How to Fix Chrome Not showing Download Bar at Bottom of Screen !


Chrome Not showing Download Bar – Are you also not liking latest chrome changes to show downloading items. In first look most of the users are finding it difficult to locate where download file is going. Till now the after starting the download the dowloaded files link is shown at bottom of screen. Recently the Google Chrome /Brave Browser has made changes and now the items you are downloading from Internet will not be shown at bottom of the screen but at top right corner on the download arrow. 

Why Google Chrome is not showing download bar ?

The downloads bar at the bottom seems to have been replaced by an icon in the toolbar up top on OS Mac, Windows, Linux, Lacros etc. But unfortunately people are not liking this change  because for most of Chrome users it used to be more convenient to access the downloaded files from the bottom of the browser. It would be great if Chrome have given option to revert with old download settings.

Chrome Not showing Download Bar

Google Chrome downloads not showing at bottom

Moreover you can also monitor the progress of multiple downloads. The new download icon is not loved by most of the users and asking them Downloads bar/shelf gone from the bottom, how to get it back?  If you also want to have the download status bar appear down the bottom of browser, please follow below steps:

Chrome Not showing Download Bar at the bottom of my screen On Google Chrome & Brave Browser ! How to get it back ?

Luckily the Google have given a flag to control where your downloads will be shown on the Google screen. These flags are controlled in Google chrome settings and are available at description of Google Google may remove such flags/setting in future. But for now these flags are working fine and you can use these flags to control to show download in bottom shelf off chrome.

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Copy paste above line in address bar :  chrome://flags/#download-bubble. 
  3. It will open all flags list.
  4. Click the dropdown and change “Enable Download Bubble” it to Disabled
How to show Downloads at bottom of  screen in Chrome

After the settings google we’ll start showing downloads in old way or Bottom of screen. Please save the settings or you can always stop in the settings to see the downloads as per your wish. Also please note that above settings are still in Beta and Google may remove the above option from chrome in the near future. Google may add any other option in settings to let user decide where to show the download bar in Chrome.

Other Reasons Why chrome download bar not showing:

If Chrome Not showing Download Bar then this would be due to some malware, virus installed in your PC. nowadays it is a common practice by hackers to hack your chrome and show your various malicious links to steal your important information. To fix that please always use a good Antivirus to remove any potential virus from the System.

Also if you have installed and extension to your chrome Browsers then this could also control how downloads bar is shown to you. Please review your extension installed in the Chrome. To view extension installed in the Chrome

  • open Chrome
  • click on Top right corner three dots
  • Click on More tools
  • Manage or remove extension.

From here you can toggle off each extension one by one and see if any of these extension are cuasing dowload bar setting in Chrome.


Conclusion: If chrome is not showing download bar then this could be due to Chrome new updates. If this is due to Chrome updates then you can revert it from the setting as mentioned above. Also malware or virus may also cause the download bar to miss from Google Chrome.

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