How to fix iPhone Side Volume buttons Not Working with WhatsApp: iOS 17 / iPhone 15 ?


After upgrading the iPhone to latest iOS 17 many users are reporting sound issue with the WhatsApp. Due to the issue the iPhone users is not able to change the volume from side buttons. The Volume up and down button don’t work while listening to WhatsApp voice notes, video or audio message.

iPhone Side Volume buttons Not Working with WhatsApp

The issue with latest iPhone with latest iPhone 15 Pro max,14,13 etc. and iOS 17. The WhatsApp sound is not changing from the side buttons at all. This is annoying issue.  The volume button fine with ever other app, it is just when you open the WhatsApp the side button will not work on iPhone.

“I’m facing the same problem, as long as WhatsApp is open the buttons don’t work. And I tested this on WhatsApp business and the buttons work perfectly.”

One reddit user reported

A quick restart the iPhone will fix the issue but it will be temporary solution. The issue surfaces again after few hours of usage and side buttons do not work to change the WhatsApp audio sound.

How to fix Unable to change WhatsApp sound from iPhone side button :

The workaround to change the volume in WhatsApp is to control the sound from control center. On iPhone, slide down from top of screen to open control center and from there you can change the volume using screen option.

iPhone Side Volume buttons Not Working with WhatsApp

However some other users are able to fix “change with button” option on their iPhone 15.  Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics and toggle on Change with Buttons. This should be always enabled.

If none of the above solution helped to fix the side volume button not working with WhatsApp, you should try to reset iPhone settings. To do that go to iPhone  setting- GENERAL – RESET – click on RESET ALL SETTINGS. This will reboot your iPhone and once the phone is up the issue should be fixed.

Please not resetting setting will not delete data but only the setting related to Wi-Fi etc. will reset.

The issue seems to with iPhone iOS and WhatsApp integration and for permanent fix you have to update the software to latest version. So keep checking for new iOS update and also make sure to keep updating WhatsApp to latest version available on AppStore.


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