Why Facebook Marketplace ads not showing up! [Fix]


Facebook marketplace is now one of the fastest social buying and selling platforms. It also let you to do show your ad on the marketplace to promote your product. Best part is you can actually show your ad to Large Audience with Targeted Advertising and is also budget friendly.

facebook marketplace ads not showing

But recently many users are reporting issue that their ads are not showing on Facebook marketplace. The ads were shown earlier but suddenly no ads are shown on the marketplace anymore. The issue could be due to Facebook ad manager configuration or some issues at user level ad publishing settings.

reddit user reported about facebook ads not working

If you are also facing Facebook marketplace ads not showing then this could be due to

Violation of Facebook policy and Ad is not getting Approval. Make sure you do not breach community standards. Check Facebook’s advertising policies to ensure your ad meets their requirements.

Facebook Marketplace ads not showing up

Also another reason for Ads not getting displayed on marketplace is due to the Budget Exhaustion. Check your ad balance on the Facebook : if your limit is spent, your ad will stop running until the budget is replenished.


Also there are some Geographic Restrictions that are considered while showing ads. Ensure that your ad’s target location aligns with where you want it to be shown. If you are setting strict location parameters, it may limit your ad’s visibility.

If you have recently started your ad campaign then it may take some days before showing your ads. The Facebook processes ads slowly to its user and depending upon response and feedback the ads are shown to targeted audiences over period of time.

FAcebook ad review process

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