How to Fix iPhone 15 Pro Max Bluetooth Keeps disconnecting/Laggy ?


The Apple latest flagship iPhone 15 Pro Max is reported by many users regarding Bluetooth Constantly Restarting/disconnecting from the paired devices. The Bluetooth in iPhone 15 has become really an issue and due to this tons of issues with listening to music through Bluetooth in Car, Spotify etc are reported.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max’s Bluetooth began repeatedly disconnecting and reconnecting every 10 to 15 seconds with iOS 17 and many users across the globe are getting troubles due to this.

Phone 15 Pro Max Bluetooth Keeps disconnecting and Laggy

One reddit user reported

With iPhone 15 Pro max, my Bluetooth devices randomly lose connection and can’t reconnect.

source reddit

The issue is everywhere with iPhone 15 Bluetooth like losing connection with cars factory radio/phone, Tesla audio, BMW, Non  CarPlay.


The issue is happening while answering calls on the Bluetooth device and the affected users can’t answer calls as caller doesn’t hear.

Some other users are facing slow Bluetooth response and laggy connection with 15 Pro Max. For example the keyboard connection pairs fine, but the user must hold down a character key for at least 2-secs to have it appear in the text box.

 To troubleshoot the issue many user tried Aeroplan Mode, hard rebooting the iPhone restart but nothing seems to work on iPhone 15 Pro Max. Even the latest  iOS 17.0.3 doesn’t seem to fix the Bluetooth issue.

Apple user reported Bluetooth issue with iPhone 15 Pro max and iOS 17.0.3

However some user reported on Apple forum that they are able to temporarily fix the issue  by turning off/on Bluetooth (from the Bluetooth settings menu, not the control panel). With this communication by Bluetooth seems to work fine for sometime but the issue started after few days again.


If you are also facing Bluetooth issue on iPhone 15 Pro max then you should try below possible solution to fix the issue

Troubleshooting iPhone 15 Pro max Bluetooth issue :

Re-Add iPhone 15 as a Trusted Device:

On your device or car, remove iPhone as Trusted Device in your car’s stereo. After that add it back. Also if you are facing any issue in reconnecting following Apple guide may help you. If you can’t Connect a Bluetooth Accessory to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch – 

Reset All Network Settings to Default:

If still iPhone 15 Pro max Bluetooth is unstable and not working for you then you should try to reset the network setting of iPhone. It will reset Wi-Fi Passwords, VPN Connections, etc. Go To iPhone SettingsGeneralResetReset Network Settings.[Your Passcode]- your iPhone will reboot. Now check the Bluetooth connection issue is fixed for your or not.

You can also report iPhone 15 Bluetooth keeps dropping issue to Apple Go Here: Feedback – Apple Music – Apple

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