MS Word Black solid bullets Printing as White on MacOS Sonoma [Fix]


MacBook users are reporting issue with MS word that while inserting solid black boxes are printing as white. Looks like the issue is Just with that “Symbols” black solid bullet after MacOS Sonoma as rest of the bullets prints normally.

MS Word Black solid bullets Printing as White on MacOS

One user reported

MS Word on Mac does not print solid black bullet points taken from the Symbols Font file. it works fine prior to installing Sonoma. “

source reddit

This is an annoying issue as the solid black bullet points are printed as white boxes all the times on the MS word after Sonoma update. The issue happens while printing as the solid black boxes look fine on the screen or on pdf file, just on print it does not work.

If you are also facing same issue and not able to print the Solid black box then first thing to try is to update the MS work. Some reports on forums suggest that  Word 16.78 fixes the issue, however some user are still facing the issue.


Until the issue is fixed by Apple you can try to change the font style to fix the issue. Simply change the bullet form “Symbols” to “Wingdings” font and issue should be fixed.

If this does no work then another workaround is to Send your Word file to any computer that doesn’t use Sonoma 14.0 and get a print from that printer.

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