How to fix Text notifications extremely loud while on call iPhone Pro Max ?


Many iPhone 14 Pro Max users are reporting issue with text notification sound too loud while on call. The issue happens when you are using earphone to receive a call on iPhone and receive a text message, the notification sound will be very loud on the speaker. It’s extremely painful getting a loud notification for text, WhatsApp, Instagram notification on iPhone 14 Pro Max, right in your ear when speaking on the phone.

One user reported

“”iPhone 14 Pro Max during calls is causing discomfort to the user’s ears and may lead to ear drum damage. We request you to investigate this further and find a solution to address this issue.””

The loud notification sound on iPhone 14 Pro max while on call is also dangerous for health and happens also with iOS 17. The sounds of notification on call  is extremely loud and hurt ear every time. It is difficult to tolerate these extremely loud notification sounds and very annoying in sound in middle of the call.

text notification sound too loud while on call
text notification sound too loud while on call : iPhone 14 Pro Max

How to fix Notifications Extremely loud while on call iPhone ? iOS 17

Fix: Reset iPhone 14 Pro max

If you are also facing very loud notification sound during a call on iPhone 14 Pro max then the issue could be due to some bug or glitch in the phone.

The solution to fix the iPhone 14 Pro max loud text notification sound is to reset the iPhone to default settings, this will fix any software glitch in it. To do that go to settings>reset>reset all settings. You won’t lose your data in this process, but be sure everything is backed up just in case. You will have to sign in to your Apple ID again, reset your face recognition, and reload all of your cards into Apple Wallet, but it should resolve the problem.

Fix : Turn OFF notification for app

To mute the notification sound during a call on the iPhone 14 Pro max Go to iPhone Settings – Notifications – Siri Suggestions – Allow Notifications OFF.

If a particular app like WhatsApp, Instagram is sending the notification, you can disable the app notifications, Under Settings – Notifications – Notification Style to customize each apps’ notifications. But please note that this will disable notification for app permanently until turned back ON .


Fix : Mute manually or set DND/Focus mode during a call

There is no default settings in the iPhone 14 Pro max that by which you can lower the sound or audible notifications when you are on a call. The workaround fix for the issue is to mute the iPhone when you are on call. Just Flip the mute switch (the one above the volume buttons) when you’re on a call and all the notification will not make any sound. However you will have to turn ON/OFF the mute switch manually for every call.

If none of the above fix helps to fix the issue you should submit feedback to apple at Product Feedback – Apple

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