How to fix Starfield Operation Startseed “Doors Locked” issue  ?


Many Starfield are reporting issue that while in operation Starseed the door are not opening. After leaving the eagle to heading back to Crucible, you will receive a emergency distress call but there are no enemies. Now while trying to do the other objective of talking to Franklin but the doors to all the buildings are inaccessible and players are not able to open it. General troubleshoot like reload, restart, fast travel and going to different systems/planets does not seem to fix the operation StarSeed bug.

The players are stuck in Starfield operation StarSeed as it says to talk to Ada or Ghenghis but she keeps repeating “Please deadly trouble is brewing, deal with it and we can converse at length.” And the doors are all closed and marked “inaccessible”.

Starfield Operation startseed “Doors Locked” issue

The Starfield are stuck in Operation starseed as all the doors are closed and thus players can’t talk to Gengis and Franklin. The quest line is asking to talk to Ada and Gengis. But as the Gengis is in the building and THE DOOR ARE CLOSED and “unattainable”. This seems like there is a bug in the Starfield Operation Starseed that should be addressed by developer of Game. If you are also facing Operation starseed doors not opening issue that you should try below solution:

How to fix Starfield Operation StarSeed doors not opening issue ?

Fix : Use console commands 

To fix operation StarSeed bug unable to open door and talk to Gengis, you can simply use the  the console to unlock the door. Open console, click on door, scroll until you find door and type “unlock”. This will open the door and you will be able to talk to Gengis!


Fix :  Workaround

To open the door in Starfield Operation Startseed, it needs to say door when you click on it. for that you can try to click near the window looking thing on the right side of the door and now you should be able to see “door”. Note that if it says STAT “(002993D3) then you should scroll the mouse wheel till it says door.

Hope this article helps to fix the Starfield stuck at Operation starseed “Doors Locked” issue . Please let us know in comment section.

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