Fix Live Photo not working as Live Wallpaper “Motion Not Available” : iOS 17/ iPhone ?


Many iPhone users after updating to latest iOS 17 are facing issue with the live photos not working as live wallpaper on iPhone. While trying to set a live photo as wallpaper iPhone users are getting “Motion Not Available – Motion from this Live Photo is not supported as a wallpaper” error. The issue is not with every live photo but some of the live photo are not working as Wallpaper and gives error “Motion Not available”. Live photos are also failing as wallpaper on iPad with iPadOS 17 with same error- motion not available.

While trying to add a live wallpaper to lock screen on iPhone after iOS 17 the option in the bottom left remains crossed out and isn’t clickable. Live Photos are not working in iOS 17, iPadOS 17 if download or Live Photos taken from the iPhone itself.  

iOS 17 Live Photo not working “Motion Not Available”

It seems like there is some issue on iOS 17 to use as wallpapers that needs Apple Attention.

Why iPhone Live Wallpaper issue  “Motion Not Available” With iOS 17 ?

The iOS is having issue with Live wallpaper, specially the downloaded one from internet or using old version live photos. The old legacy live wallpaper, shot with iPhone 12 Pro series, are not even recognise as a live wallpaper on iOS 17.


 While some photos work as Live Wallpaper but you can’t be sure about them. It appears that the iOS 17 only pics photos without much movement so they’re a smooth transition to the static photo. If you are also facing “Motion Not Available – Motion from this Live Photo is not supported as a wallpaper” error on your iPhone then please try below listed possible solution for the issue : 

How to fix iOS 17 Live Photo not working as Wallpaper “Motion Not Available” ? iPhone 14,13,12,11,XR, iPad ?

Fix: Try taking new photos from the iPhone 

iOS 17 supports live photo as wallpaper, but you can’t use live photo from old iOS version of iOS and iPhone.You can take a new live photo from your iPhone running iOS 17, iPadOS 17 and apply them as a live wallpaper. However there are some users who are not able to use Live Photos taken from iPhone or iPad. 

Fix: Try multiple times

It seems like there is a bug in the iOS 17 which is not letting the Live Photos set as wallpaper. As a workaround solution try setting up the Live Photo as wallpaper 2-3 times as it work usually in second or third attempt. 

Fix : Reset iPhone setting on iOS 17

The new iOS 17 installed in iPhone  can cause some software glitch in the phone and thus many feature like Live Photos may not work properly. To fix that you should try resetting iPhone setting to default by going to  Go to Settings  > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset->Reset All settings. The iPhone will reboot multiple time in this process and please ensure to Not to chose “Erase All Content and Settings” option and you will not lose any data in this process.


If none of the above solution help to fix reminder Live Photo not working as wallpaper then you should report the issue to Apple and wait for next patch release of iOS 17 for permanent fix. 

Surely there are some issues going on with my photos in iOS 17 and  Apple needs to look into it to provide a permanent solution. This article helps to understand the issue and provide a fix for “Motion Not Available – Motion from this Live Photo is not supported as a wallpaper” issue. 

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