Fix XBOX Gaming services not Installing on Windows 11?


Many Xbox PC users are facing issue that the Xbox Gaming Services not installing while trying to download a Game. Even on the newPC / laptop after installing the XBOX app it asks to download the services. In some cases the XBOX Gaming services would throw an error when attempting to install or will get stuck forever and does not download completely.

XBOX Gaming services not Installing on Windows 11 is not a new issue as the same issue is reported with Windows 10 as well. The Xbox gaming services does not install even after multiple tries. In this article we have listed fix for Xbox Gaming services not installing on Windows.

XBOX Gaming services not Installing on Windows

How to fix XBOX Gaming services not Installing on Window 11/10 ?.

XBOX Gaming services not Installing on Windows could be due to a software glitch or configuration issue. To fix Gaming service not working on installing on Windows you may have try some simple or complex solutions as describe below.

XBOX Gaming services not Installing on Windows

Fix : Repair Gaming service

On your Windows PC’s the Xbox Gaming services may have corrupted or not installed properly. To fix that you should first try to repair the Gaming service. go into Settings, Apps, and clicking Repair on Gaming Services


Fix: Update Xbox/ Gaming service from The Store directly

Sometimes installing the gaming services from the prompt does not go well in windows. To fix this try starting the update of Xbox app and gaming services from the within the Microsoft store app rather than the Xbox app prompt.

To do that open the MS store on your pc, then go library and gaming services should be there and  if it’s not then open the Xbox app say yes to installing gaming services then open the store and check the update in there.

Fix : Include Game Pass

One other quick fix for XBOX Gaming services not Installing on Windows is installing it with the Game Pass. Go to the Microsoft Store and try searching a Xbox game with using the option “Install – Included with Game Pass”. This seems to work for many users who were facing the issue.

Fix : PowerShell commands

If XBOX Gaming services not Installing on Windows then this could be issue in directly download the game from the Store. You can try using Windows inbuild PowerShell to download the Game Service.

  • First on your PC search for PowerShell and launch it as admin.
  • Now enter following command “get-appxpackage Microsoft.GamingServices | remove-AppxPackage -allusers”
  • In the same powershell window, enter “start ms-windows-store://pdp/?productid=9MWPM2CQNLHN”
  • You will be taken to the Gaming Services page in the Windows store. Click install/update. Should work from there.

This will download the Xbox Game services in few minutes but please note that it may take two or three time to work.

Fix : Registry settings

If none of the above solution helped to fix the issue “XBOX Gaming services not Installing on Windows” then finally you should try to update the registry.

XBOX Gaming services not Installing on Windows
  • Open Registry Editor (In the window search box on the taskbar, type regedit, then select Registry Editor)
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Services
  • Remove the GamingServices and GamingServices.Net
  • Restart Computer
  • Go to your Windows Store -> 3-dot-menu -> Downloads and Updates -> Check updates
  • Gaming Services should install now without any issues.
  • You can Double check this by rebooting and going back to Windows Store and trying to Get Updates again – you should be Up to date.

Other troubleshooting steps:

– Update everything on Window: Make sure that there are no pending updates for Window, Appstore or the App.

– Make sure your regions match both the Xbox app and Microsoft account. If there’s a mismatch it could prevent the syncing necessary.

– Uninstall and reinstall the app.

– Update windows and restart your computer

– Ensuring that the Harddrive/SSD is formated to NTFS with the allocation size default or 4K, not something else.

Conclusion: Hope this article helps to fix “XBOX Gaming services not Installing on Windows”, do let us know in comment section.

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