How To Fix XBOX Achievements Not popping up ?


The Xbox have now become one of the leading Game playing system in the world and have now many updated features like Xbox Series X/S hardware have Improved hardware with faster loading times and higher frame rates, Game Pass: A subscription service , Xbox Game Streaming: The ability to stream Xbox games to a mobile device & Smart Delivery etc.

How To Fix XBOX Achievements Not popping up ?
xbox achievement issue

Bur recently many Xbox users are facing issue with the Game Achievement notification not working on XBOX. Like in games if a player have unlocked achievements in dead rising 4, and assassins creed but there is no sound or pop up informing about it. This is a annoying issue with Xbox X/S Series as well.

Why Xbox is not showing Achievements :

If achievements are not appearing on your Xbox, then this may be caused by a variety of factors such as internet connection issues, outdated games or consoles, glitches in the game, setting issues, or temporary Xbox Live service outages etc and can be fixed by below possible solutions :


Solution to fix XBOX Achievements not working : (2023)

Ensure Notifications  Settings :

In settings > Preferences> Notifications > Xbox Notifications there’s an option for achievement notifications, see if that is enabled.

Hard Reset the XBOX :

Another method to fix Xbox Achievement not Woking is to hard reset it to fix software glitches. While the Xbox is on just hold the power button down for ten seconds. Won’t affect data on the Xbox, and it tends to fix local and login problems.

Physically power cycle the console:

Other method to  troubleshoot achievements not showing in XBOX, check your connection, ensure your game and console are up to date, restart the game or console, verify settings, and if none of these solutions work, contact Xbox support for further assistance.


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