Best Tips for Selling on Facebook Marketplace.

Things to Keep in Mind before start Selling on Facebook marketplace 2023


If you are planning to start selling on Facebook marketplace and looking for some great tips for selling on FB marketplace than this post is for you. Its been a while since the Facebook marketplace is there and many businesses are relying on it. Online doing your business is now an art and if you have some headstart for doing it you can easily beat the competition.

Before starting to sell on the Facebook there are few things you should keep in mind which can save energy and time

How do I sell on the Facebook marketplace locally?

Here are some of Best Tips to Sell on Facebook Marketplace before starting selling items. We have collected these tip from year of experience and hopefully also works for you.

Tips for Selling on Facebook Marketplace 2023

Only post items when you’re going to have time to dedicate to selling : 

Most of the users who are trying to see items of Facebook Marketplace are doing without any planning. Initially you may feel like managing it easily without giving much time but Facebook selling takes a lot of time in interacting with customers, replaying to queries and scheduling pickup/delivering those items. .


Don’t post everything all at once

As mentioned above, the Facebook selling is time and effort taking. So if you have different type of stuff then go with selling some specific items first. You can chose the item based on local demand, weather, delivery issues etc.

Avoid managing the process on your phone. 

The desktop interface of Facebook marketplace is actually really nice, and groups the inquiries with each listing. You can also mark the item as Pending or Sold, but this is all infinitely harder on your phone.

Ask for deposit: 

 Getting some advance from the buyer could save a lot of time. Many buyer will prove as time waster. You can ask to advance as low as 4-5$ r and weed out the time-wasters. You can always do this for items above $100.

If the price is reasonable, your stuff sells very quickly:

Facebook market place is a great way of selling items to a large audience. Millions of users are active on Facebook marketplace. So if your item is good with reasonable price you will see a huge demand. So prepare accordingly as if you are not fulfilling the orders in item your rating may get a big hit.


Look out your margins While selling on Facebook.

While selling on Facebook marketplace make sure you have good margins saved for you. If you are selling items on Facebook priced at $5-10 you won’t justify your effort. As you will get TON of inquiries for low cost products and has to spend a lot of time answering questions from time-wasters and trying to coordinate too many pick-up. Even if you are selling on Facebook locally still it will

Use Categories to List Products

There are lots of buyer who are not looking for a specific product but are checking out whole category like Games, land/Plots, Shop etc. Always map currently to the category as this will help to meet right people. Also use search tags related to your Facebook item.

Make a deal only if it feel safe. 

Selling of Facebook is not straight forward work as lots of scammers are there to fool you. With FB Marketplace, you can see profile info from everyone who inquires, which is a great way to verify people. You can also see rating of buyers and see their ratings before doing a business.

Also the Facebook marketplace selling also comes under local laws and rules, Always ensure that the items you sell are allowed on the Facebook Marketplace as per local Govt Regulations.

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