How to fix Facebook Marketplace app not working iPhone ?


Many iPhone 12, 13 Pro users are facing issue with accessing the marketplace on the Facebook app. The Facebook app is not loading or showing items on the market place. For some users it keeps on showing black or white screen and while in some case the marketplace keeps on showing loading screen on the iPhone.

How to fix Facebook Marketplace app not working iPhone ?

The marketplace stopped working randomly for the user while it is working for some other friend phone. This is surely an annoying issue and if you are also not able to open or access Facebook marketplace then you should check below possible solutions.

How to fix Facebook marketplace app not working on iPhone/ Android/ iOS, iPad, Samsung ?

Fix :  Location issue

Facebook  marketplace is not available in every region of world, so If you live in (or recently travelled to) a location where Marketplace isn’t available, then you won’t be able to see Marketplace.

Also note that, if you have returned from travelling, Facebook  may still think you’re located somewhere else for a few days. This can be frustrating but this is Facebook desing.


Fix : Age Restriction

As per Facebook policy only users above 18 year of age will be able to use marketplace. So please ensure that you fulfil this criteria before using the app.

Fix : Change Network/ mobile data

The Facebook marketplace may face issue with certain network providers / routers. Please try switching to different network or mobile data for using the Facebook market place and see if this fixes the issue.

Fix : Check VPN settings

Facebook marketplace uses your IP address to show relevant items as per your IP location. If you are using VPN on the phone then Marketplace may not work properly due to compromised IP address. Please uninstall the VPN apps and check back again.

Fix : Blocked by Marketplace

One common reason why Facebook marketplace is not working , could be due to policy violation from your side. In case you haven’t gone against our policies, please contact support team :

  • From your Feed, click marketplaceMarketplace in the left menu.
  • Click Request review and fill in the form.

Fix : Reinstall the Facebook app

If Facebook market place is not loading/ updating on your iPhone , then this could be due to some software glitch in the iPhone or the app. To fix that you should try uninstalling the app from the iPhone -> hard reboot the iPhone and download the latest version of the Facebook app from Appstore.

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