Fix Facebook Marketplace Local Not Working, Missing “local” button ?


Many users are reporting issue that the Facebook marketplace local not working on android and iPhone. The issue is also seen for the web users and Facebook Marketplace local is not working on all different browsers like Chrome, Safari etc. The “local” button on the homepage of marketplace is missing on the Facebook app. There seems to be an issue with seeing local listings only on the Facebook Marketplace.

Due to this issue the users are not able to see local listing near to them. The Facebook is showing mostly paid advertisement and shipping and nothing like local on feed. There are other issues also with Facebook marketplace like “Facebook marketplace only loading 6 items” “Facebook marketplace not showing items”, but these issues are making FB users hard to using the platform.

Facebook marketplace local not working

Why Facebook Marketplace not showing local Items ?

If you are not able to see local option on the Facebook marketplace then this could be issue with the Facebook. Mainly such issues could be due to some glitch in the system or update from the Facebook side. usually the issue is not at the user end or due to any hardware issue. Fix for the issue is expected from the Facebook team.

How to fix Facebook marketplace local not working on iPhone and Android?

Fix 1: Reinstall the App

The local option missing on Marketplace could be a software glitch or your phone running outdated version of Facebook app.  To fix that you should reinstall the app on your phone. To do that first logout from the Facebook account-> Uninstall the app from phone -> reboot the device and reinstall it again form the AppStore or Playstore.


Fix 2: Clear Cache and Data

If you are not seeing Local button the Facebook marketplace then you should try clearing app cache. On the Android phone to clear the cache of Facebook Mobile App from the phone settings. To clear the cache of Facebook Mobile App (only Android phone), Go to > Settings > Apps > Facebook Mobile > Clear Cache and data. Reboot the phone and check if this fixes the issue.

On the iPhone you will have delete and install the Facebook app again to clean its data.

Fix 3: Workaround for Facebook Marketplace Local listing

If you are not seeing local option on the Facebook Marketplace then a workaround you can try is to do a search for a specific item by name, and then select local pickup only. This will list only the local items for you on the Marketplace. Step by step process is mentioned below

  • On Marketplace Search for something by name
  • Click Delivery method on left sidebar
  • Select Local Pickup
  • Now the Search results refresh, everything is now local items.

Fix 4: Try Marketplace on different devices

The local button missing from the Facebook marketplace is seen by many FB users. The issue seems to auto resolved after sometime. However the issue is getting fixed on some devices/ browsers first. So as a quick fix try using other device/phone or browser to check FB marketplace local listing.


Hope this article helps to fix “Facebook marketplace local not working” on iPhone and Android, please let us know in comment sections.

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