How to fix Robotic voice on call : iPhone 13/14 ?


“iPhone incoming calls are Robotic and jumbled”

Robotic voice on call issue on iPhone ? Many iPhone users are reporting issue of robotic voice on calls. The other person sounds like a mechanic voice or robotic voice. The other person voice on iPhone call, keeps switching from normal to mechanic. Different iPhone models like iPhone XR, 12, iPhone 13 Pro max are reported with Robotic voice on iPhone call. Welcome to our site SkyLineStudy and this article we will see how to fix iPhone Robotic voice on call issue.

A quick workaround to fix the Robotic Voice on call on iPhone can be fixed by hang up and immediately call them back and the sound is fine. But this is a temporary fix and for permanent fix and more details please read below.

Robotic voice on call iPhone

Why Robotic voice on call on iPhone ?

If you iPhone is making mechanical voice on call then in most of the cases Robotic voice on call is due to poor connection, but robotic voice on call can also be due to microphone issue on your iPhone


To check for microphone issues, go to Voice Memo app and create a new recording and play it back to see how your voice sounds. If it sounds normal, this indicates a poor connection during the phone call is the likely reason for this occurring. There could be other reason as well and in General we have listed below possible reason why iPhone is dropping calls after 1-2 minutes:

  •  iPhone glitches: may cause poor/robotic voice in iPhone
  • iOS update: Any latest update installed or after update issue may also cause some functionality related issue.
  • Network Carrier Provider Error: Poor call voice or robotic voice on iPhone can also be due to network or Carrier service.

How to fix Robotic voice on call on iPhone? : iPhone 14/15/13/12/11/XS

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Fix: Check Audio  Accessibility settings

To fix Robotic voice on call change Voiceover audio settings. To fix that

  • Go to iPhone setting 
  • Tap on Accessibility
  • Tap on Voiceover
  • Tap on Audio
  • And turn off auto-select speaker incoming calls
  • Reboot your phone and check if this fixes the issue

 Fix : Change SIM card

Robotic voice on call could also be due to hardware failure in iPhone. Hardware failure are expected in Microphone or carrier device i.e SIM card. If you are continuously facing robotic voice then ask for SIM replacement from carrier provider.


Fix: Poor Network Connection

If above solution does not help to fix Robotic voice on call on iPhone then you should try some general troubleshooting steps:

  • Turning Aeroplan mode on and off.
  •  Tried resetting network settings of iPhone. Go to Setting->General->Transfer or reset iPhone->Reset Network settings. This will Not  remove any data from your iPhone
  • Try removing sim and cleaning it.
  • Turn OFF WiFi calling in iPhone
  • Hard reboot your iPhone.

Fix : Contact Call carrier Provider

If Robotic voice on call issue still persists then you should also contact your network carrier provider as any pending updates from the carrier can also impact the call quality on iPhone.

Fix : Report issue to Apple

If still you are not able to get a fix for Robotic voice on call on iPhone then you should report the issue to Apple for permanent fix.

  1. Go Here: Feedback – iPhone – Apple
  2. Select: Bug Report” for the “Feedback Type
  3. Comment: on this fix you have come across. Inform Apple of how troubleshot this, and the steps to get to the fix. Include


Hope this article “Robotic voice on call on iPhone” helped you to understand the issue and helped you? Do tell us by commenting in below section .   

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

During call why does other people sound like robots ?

Issues with call quality usually should be due to wireless carrier, Network issue or phone bug.

How to quickly fix Robotic voice issue on iPhone ?

A quick workaround to fix the Robotic Voice on call on iPhone is to disconnect the call and immediately call them back.

How long will it take to fix the Robotic voice issue on iPhone

It Depends, if the issue is due to software issue then installing new iOS update can help you to fix it. Otherwise you will have to get iPhone checked for hardware fault.

Is robotic Voice on call on iPhone issue permanent?

No, We expect it to be temporary. If it stays long for you please contact support.

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