How to Fix iPhone 14 Stuttering and Lagging after iOS 17 Update ?

iOS 17 Update causing Stutter and lag : iPhone 14/12


Many iPhone 14/12 Pro Max users are reporting Stuttering and Lagging after iOS 17 and animations drop frames frequently . The iPhone user have noted a lot of stutter and lag while using the iPhone specially iPhone 14,13,12 are reported with stutter an lag issue in iOS 17. The variable screen refresh rate seems to create trouble the iPhone users and as the frame drop changes in iPhone/iOS 17 the iPhone start to stutter or lag too much.

The stutter in iPhone 14,12 Pro Max battery reaches down about 10 % to40 %. To save battery in iPhone the optimization seen to causing a lot more stuttering in iPhone.

The stutter in iPhone 14 is more visible  when swiping down the notification bar, opening apps and swiping between home screens. The stutter in iPhone 12 is also seen while typing on key board, the keyboard sound and haptics are delayed on iPhone in iOS 17.

Stuttering and Lagging after iOS 17

The home screen stutter issue is mainly reported after updating the iPhone 14 to latest iOS 17 but iOS 16 also has this stutter issue but to a much less extent. In iOS 17 the screen stutter on iPhone has increased and noticeable. The iPhone frame dropping issue is more prominent with the new iOS 17.


 Surely, Apple should do another stability improvement in iOS 17 in next release.

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How to fix iPhone Lagging/ Stuttering/ Frame Dropping issue in iOS 17 ? : iPhone 11/12/13/14/15 Pro Max ?

FIX : Turn on search in Home screen

 In iOS 17 the lagging and stutter happens mostly when two things/animations are happening at the same time. You can improve the iPhone stutter issue by trying to avoid multiple animation playing.  For example if the iPhone stutter / lag is happening on the home screen, then try to turn off “search” for the home screen in settings and see if it improves it.

To hide the Search bar in iPhone, open Settings app on your iPhone. Go to the Home Screen section->Disable the Show on Home Screen toggle under the Search header.


Fix : Waif for sometime

If you are seeing major performance issue in iPhone like frequent stutter and too much lag then usually a major update in the iPhone like iOS 17 can make lots of changes in it and iPhone may take some hours to optimize as per new iOS which is also known as indexing. The indexing takes place in iPhone as per new algorithm changes in iOS 17 and may take up some time. So please be patience and leave your phone ideal for some hours and check back again later.

Fix : Reset iPhone setting

Some times the new iOS 17 installed in iPhone  can cause some software glitch in the phone. To fix that you should try resetting iPhone setting to default by going to  Go to Settings  > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset->Reset All settings. The iPhone will reboot multiple time in this process and please ensure to Not to chose “Erase All Content and Settings” option and you will not lose any data in this process.

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FIX : Reinstall the iOS 17  again with Full erase

For iPhone users it is recommended that every new major iOS update should be installed with a full erase better than simply updating from Setting. Full erase installation are reported to be more smooth and also let iPhone adjust performance as new.

To make a clean install of iOS 17 in iPhone  it is recommend to use a computer with restore option and set iPhone up as new. You can use iTunes/Finder or MacOS and do a clean installation after taking the backup. You can also refer to this Apple Guide to reinstall the iOS 17.

Hope this article helps to explain and understand the Stutter and lag issue in iPhone after iOS 17 update. If you still face the issue in iPhone then please report issue to Apple from Feedback. Also check and install the new patch update from apple iOS 17.1 which is expected to arrive soon due to many other bugs reported in iOS 17.  

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