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Instagram new feature how about setting notes in the message section is quite famous among its user. It is a great way to share your idea your status what you are thinking about with the people around you. You can set Instagram status and 60 character limited and will be shown to your friends in their message window.

it is always a good idea to take notes according to your mood, what do you wish to share. Do you fall in this article we have a list of some best beautiful notes that you can share about happiness, positivity, life goals and also a set of funny Instagram notes. You can quickly copy paste these notes in your in your Instagram your iPhone, iOS, iPad, android devices.

Best Instagram Notes Idea on Life Happiness and Goals

List of best possible notes for Instagram:

Instagram Notes ideas on Positive Attitude :

·      My attitude is everything.

·      Live life with attitude.


·      Don’t be busy, be productive.

·      Don’t chase people, attract them

·      A man of steel.

·      Less talk, less mistakes.


·      I’m the GOAT.

·      He who dares, wins.

·      I am fearless

·      Eat, pray, slay.

·      Elegance is an attitude.

·      Portrait of a queen.

·      Choose joy, radiate positivity.

·      Attitude defines altitude.

·      Stay classy, sassy always.

·      Confidence breeds success.

·      Live, love, laugh, repeat.

·      Sparkle with inner fire.

·      Fearless soul, fierce goals.

·      Dream big, act bold.

·      Dare to be different.

·      Smile, it’s contagious.

·      Positive vibes only.

·      Elegance is attitude.

·      Chase dreams, conquer fears.

·      Be the energy you seek.

·      Silence speaks volumes.

·      Own your uniqueness.

·      Life’s my runway, watch!

·      Hustle beats talent.

·      Create your sunshine.

·      Attitude: your best accessory.

·      Grind now, shine later.

·      Confidence is magnetic.

·      Defy norms, embrace you.

·      I am limitless potential.

·      Bold steps, bright future.

·      Flaws: own, embrace, conquer.

·      Sunsets and good mindsets.

·      Positive mind, positive life.

·      Style: confidence in action.

·      Rise, shine, and conquer.

·      Charm in every step.

·      Rules don’t define them.

·      Attitude game: always on point.

·      Rebels with a cause.

·      Real men, real attitude.


    Impactful Notes idea  for Instagram 

·      Embrace the journey, find joy.

·      Dream big, work hard.

·      Create, inspire, repeat.

·      Hope lights darkest paths.

·      Love: world’s true language.

·      Change starts within you.

·      Strength in unity, progress.

·      Time heals, scars strengthen.

·      Limits exist to break.

·      Innovate, don’t imitate.

·      Leap of faith: success follows.

·      Smile, conquer with kindness.

·      Stars shine in darkness.

·      Stay focused, never settle.

·      Chase passion, catch purpose.

·      Risk: step to greatness.

·      Defy odds, rewrite story.

·      Small steps, big impact.

·      Strive, thrive, never give up.

·      Adapt, overcome, evolve.

·      Courage births extraordinary stories.

·      Scars tell resilient tales.

·      Empathy: heart’s true power.

·      Actions echo, words resonate.

·      Silence echoes loudest courage.

·      Hope fuels unstoppable momentum.

·      Dare to disrupt norms.

·      Kindness: universal language spoken.

·      Wisdom: life’s timeless treasure.

·      Live intentionally, leave legacy.


AmbitiousLife Goal Instagram Notes  Ideas:

·      Chase dreams, conquer fears.

·      Strive for greatness every day.

·      Goals fuel the journey within.

·      Passion ignites purposeful living.

·      Create a life you cherish.

·      Dreams: the compass of destiny.

·      Embrace risks, reap rewards.

·      Aim high, evolve continuously.

·      Success: making dreams reality.

·      Purpose propels meaningful actions.

·      Determination writes success stories.

·      Vision guides, perseverance leads.

·      Set goals, spark transformation.

·      Goals empower, obstacles refine.

·      Craft life with intentionality.

·      Challenges strengthen goal seekers.

·      Ambition writes life’s narrative.

·      Strive, thrive, and inspire.

·      Purpose: life’s guiding star.

·      Dream big, act bigger.

·      Set goals, embrace the journey.

·      Aspire, achieve, appreciate.

·      Goals sculpt our unique path.

·      Passion paves way for purpose.

·      Life goals shape destinies.

·      Success: goal-driven mindset.

·      Each goal births new horizons.

·      Destiny dances with determined.

·      Life’s worth: pursuing goals.

·      Define success through goals.

    Best Notes status for Instagram on Positivity:

·      Seize today’s opportunities.

·      Embrace the day’s blessings.

·      Make each moment count.

·      Today’s attitude shapes tomorrow.

·      Chase dreams, conquer today.

·      Smile, shine, succeed.

·      Rise and shine bright.

·      New day, new possibilities.

·      Spread positivity everywhere.

·      Today’s actions, tomorrow’s results.

Funny Instagram Notes Idea 2023:

·      I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining.

·      I don’t snore; I dream I’m a motorcycle.

·      Exercise? I thought you said ‘extra fries’!

·      I’m not lazy, I’m just on energy-saving mode.

·      I’m on a seafood diet. I see food and I eat it.

·      Chocolate is salad: it comes from a tree.

·      Life’s short, smile while you have teeth.

·      Common sense isn’t so common.

·      My bed is a time machine to breakfast.

·      I’m not short, I’m fun-sized!

·      I’m not clumsy, just gravity-checking.

·      Run? Out of patience!

·      Stealth mode: always fashionably late.

·      Life’s too short for bad vibes.

·      Chaos coordinator at your service.

·      Smiles are my favorite exercise.

·      Elevator music calms my nerves.

·      I put the ‘elusive’ in ‘goals.’

·      Wife’s cooking: survival of the hungriest.

·      My bed is my happy place.

·      I see your point, but I still think I’m right.

·      I told you I was sick!

·      Weekend: freedom from the alarm clock.

·      Age is just the number of years I’ve been fabulous.

·      My dreams are mostly memes.

·      I don’t need a hairstylist; my pillow gives me a new hairstyle every morning.

·      I don’t trip; I do random gravity checks.

·      My wallet is like an onion; opening it makes me cry.

·      No time for drama, I’m busy being awesome.

·      Life’s an adventure, best enjoyed with humor.

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