How to fix Spotify Public Playlist Not Showing ?


Spotify which is a great music streaming app, lets you create your own playlist and share it publicly with anyone with Spotify account.  But recently many Spotify user facing issue in creating public playlist and sharing it with your friends or publicly.

How to fix Spotify Public Playlist Not Showing ?
Spotify public playlist not visible

The playlist says “public” in the options of the playlist from my library but other Spotify users can not see public playlists in Spotify in the account. The feature was working perfectly with Spotify app but after recent update on the Spotify app on iPhone,Android , Desktop the public playlist won’t show up in public profile. However some of the public playlist are showing up but not all public playlist are showing up in Spotify app. Like for example for one users, out of the 10 playlists created, only 2 playlists show up as public. The issue is common across diffrent platforms like Samsung, Oneplus, Google Pixel phones etc. 

The Spotify users are not only seeing issue with public playlists, but also recent listening activity, and also recently played artists on profile are not visible for some Spotify users. 

Why my Spotify Playlists not going public:

Well, there can be many reason Spotify is not sharing your playlist publicly. Many reports link this issue to security feature of Spotify which blocks auto bots from publishing random playlist on Spotify. Other reason could be playlist setting, for example if the Playlist is collaborative then you can not share the playlist with public directly. 


How to make playlist public in Spotify : iPhone 14 ,Andorid ?

This is surprising to note but seems like Spotify app have made some changes to add a playlist as public. To share your playlist with public in Spotify add the public playlist to your profile through its context menu.

To do that just click the 3 dots on your playlist and then select “Add to profile.” This seems to work for most of the users to share playlist publicly on Spotify which they weren’t earlier. 

If none of the above solution helped to fix the issue then you should contact the Spotify customer support and describe the issue to them. In this case for many users after contacting the Spotify app, profile started to show public playlists. 

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