How to fix Google Tap to Pay not working ! NFC off ?


Unable to turn ON Google wallet NFC ? [Fixed]

Google pay is now one of the leading payment method used by millions of users. The contactless payment feature makes Google wallet is efficient and lots of users are using it. The feature is also known as Tap to pay, but recently many users are reporting issue with this feature.

The Google wallet which is commonly used by Pixel users is reported with issue related to NFC (near field communication), where Google wallet is not working and asking to turn ON the NFC. Bigger problem is that the user is not able to turn ON the NFC for Google payments.  

How to fix Google Tap to Pay not working ! NFC off ?
NFC not working on Pixel

Same is the case with the Pixel 6a which says “tap not supported” in my Wallet and is linked to NFC. The Pixel or Google users are not aware of why NFC is off and to turn it ON. In this article we will elaborate on how you can fix Google Tap to pay not working


Please note that NFC payments will not work in the following scenarios: 

  • If phone is  successfully onboarded on Google Pay
  • If UPI account successfully configured on Google Pay

How to fix Google contactless payment not working on Pixel ?

Fix : check Supported phone

Not all phones have NFC for contactless transactions, please check if your phone have contactless NFC card.

  • Go to phone settings
  • In the search type NFC
  • Tap and turn on NFC. If you cant find NFC then you can’t make contactless payment using Google wallet.

Fix  : Reboot

If NFC card is not working on your phone and you are not able to use Google wallet Tap to pay feature then this could be due to some software glitch.

To fix that just try a reboot to your phone and after this NFC should work fine


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