How to Stop Midjourney From Adding Tattoos to art?


Midjourney is now one the fastest grown AI platform to generate great artwork. Lots of companies and professionals are using Midjourney to produce artwork that they can use in their work. But recently many users are facing issue with Midjourney always using tattoos with the artwork. 

Midjourney tattoos issue
avoid tatoos in Midjourney artwork

Midjourney so far is the best artwork generator available and work produce by it is flawless in most of the cases. In this article we have described some solution to fix Midjourney always crating artwork with tattoos. 

In general you can use prompt-faqs on Midjourney Discord , which is a great source for creating effective prompts

How to not tell Midjourney not to put tattoos on the art?

Solution 1:Negative prompt: –no tattoos, tattoos on face and body,

One way to ask Midjourney  to not put any tattoos, put two – symbols together right before the word no, then a list of things you don’t want after that. Put it at the end of your prompt.


Solution 2: Instruction

The other solution to use hard instruction to Midjourney to not use any tattoos in the artwork,  put something like “must not have tattoos” etc.

Solution 3: Use alternate text

You can also use a workaround way, which is “ –no face tribal markings”. This is working for most of the users and this will inhibit Style settings which is what contributes to facial decorations including metallic paints and other ornaments.

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