How to Fix Emails disappearing not sending : iPhone/iPad


Many iPhone users are facing issue with email disappearing from the iPhone. The emails are missing from iPhone sent box. Even the mails are not received by other users which is very frustrating for the iPhone users. The issue  seems completely random and not happening for every email that is sent to from the iPhone .

The iPhone users are not sure about if the email is really sent or not. The issue is not that emails that have been sent are disappearing, it is that the email actually isn’t sent, and there is not trace of it either way.  The issue is also seen on the iPad app.

How to Fix Emails disappearing not sending : iPhone/iPad
iPhone 14 sent emails missing

The issue is reported by many users to apple but there are no updates from the Apple support on why send emails are missing from the sentbox and not actually sent to the other users. Users are fining this really annoying and losing important data. This seems to be a software bug from apple which needs to be addressed soon to get a permanent fix. Meanwhile please try below possible fix :

iPhone Sent email missing . Not delivering : iPhone 14 Pro, iPad ?

Solution 1: Undo Send Delay

Other workaround to fix missing sent mails is to try below steps::

  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Tap on Mail
  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom and tap on Undo Send Delay
  4. Tap Off

Solution 2: Remove mail account

The issue could also occur due to some issue in mail account. To fix that we recommend you to remove the mail account from iPhone  mail app and try readding it.

  1. Go to Settings > Mail, then tap Accounts.
  2. Tap Add Account, tap Other, then tap Add Mail Account.

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