How To Fix Discord Voice Not Connecting to XBOX ?


The discord integration with the XBOX is really cool feature, but many XBOX users are facing the problem with Discord integration in the Xbox system. Many Xbox one X/S users are reporting issue that discord voice not connecting to xbox.  When click on transfer to xbox and nothing happens. It was working for some time but suddenly the stopped working and Cannot transfer Discord voice-chat to console

This is annoying issue as the user Cannot transfer Discord voice-chat to console.  Xbox user when uses “try discord” on dashboard, using  QR code and linked discord to Xbox. It seems like all was good, kept getting the “Success! Your console is now connected to the discord voice channel” in the Xbox app but then over in my discord app it just said “Connecting on Xbox” for about 10 seconds and then it would go away as if it failed.

How To Fix Discord Voice Not Connecting to XBOX ?
Xbox voice issue with discord

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How to fix Discord on Xbox Series X not working/Loading ?


– 1:
 Uninstall the xbox app from my phone;


– 2: Disconnect Discord from Xbox on BOTH places, not just one, as doing it won’t update the other (go to the Connections on Discord and unlink there; go to social media accounts connected on your Xbox and “Unlink” there as well);

– 3: Install the Xbox app again;

– 4: Hit “Try Discord Voice on Xbox” on your Xbox and scan the code it gives you;

– 5: Follow the instructions (sign-in to your account, etc.);


– 6: That should do it! Go to your Discord app on your phone and enter a voice channel, then try to “Join Voice on Xbox”, this time it should give a proper pop-up to associate your Xbox account with Discord and you should enter the voice channel on your Xbox.

Fix : De-activate discord from Xbox

Another fix is need to de-activate discord from Xbox, and Xbox from discord, then re-activate discord from the Xbox app, and then it should auto connect to discord for you

It may ask for more permissions and should work now.

Fix: Relink everything

Another possible solution to fix the XBOX voice Chat not working/transferring  with Discord is to try to unlink accounts in Discord app, on Xbox and Xbox app all together, then link my Xbox account using the Discord app. Now it should start working on the console.

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