How to fix Diablo 2 “Failed to enter game. Character already in a game ” ?


iconic action-RPG Diablo 2 seems to be reported with error. Lots of users are facing the issue that after a crash in the game Diablo 2 is not letting them in the Game and gives error  “Failed to enter game. Character already in a game”. Players are unable to access Game servers and stuck at this error on d2r.

How to fix Diablo 2 “Failed to enter game. Character already in a game ” ?
Diablo Failed to enter Game error

The issue is seen on d2r on PC, Xbox and PS 4 and players are seeing error “Failed to enter Game” continuously. Blizzard team is aware of the issue and working on the fix. Till then you can try below possible fix for the issue. 

How to fix Blizzard Diablo 2 Error “Failed to enter game. Character already in a game ” ? 

Fix : Delete lock file 

 The issue started as the game crashed or closed randomly. Due to this the corrupted state of Game is causing the issue. There is a fix for the PC users . Go to C:/users/{name}/Saved Games/Diablo II Resurrected and there you will see files for all your characters. Now look here for character which is stuck and delete/move their file “Charactername_online.MA0”. 

Reboot the Game and you should be able to login in game.


Fix : Toggle  Region

There is another workaround to  fix the issue for pc users:

 1.close the game

 2. Change your region using launcher above the play button there is a globe. Click it and change your region to a different one. 

3. Join a match in the new region. Save and exit the game and exit to desktop 4. Change the region back to your normal one. You should be able to join games normally after following these steps.


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