Android/ iPhone/iPad lagging with PUBG? 2022


iPhone X, 11, 13 Pro max and other android users are facing issue while playing pubg on the phone, that their iPhone is stuttering and lagging. There is delay and unresponsiveness with pubg global with 90 fps.

Android/ iPhone/iPad lagging with PUBG? 2022
pubg stuttering on iPhone

PubG is unbelievably lagging and the fps dropping and screen stuttering while playing PUBG global at 90fps and the game is not smooth and lagging. When tested on various devices like Tab SamsungS7+, iPad pro 2020, Pixel 6 Pro , iPhone 13 Pro , 11, 12 Pro max being high resolution devices are facing the issue and hip fire is massively nerfed.

How to fix iPhone screen stuttering while playing PubG : Android, Samsung , iPhone iOS 15 ?

Fix : Change Accessibility Settings on you phone

One common solution to fix PubG stutter issue on iPhone 13, 12 and 11 Pro is to change accessibility settings.

On your iPhone Go > Setting >Accessibility > motion and on limit frame rate now you can get 90fps without any lags


Fix : Workaround

Another workaround to fix Pubg stuttering on Android & iPhone 13 pro max is to go out from your game for 5 seconds and come back. Just switch to some different game for few seconds and after that it should work.

Fix : Other Troubleshooting

To fix lag issue on iPhone Android , iPad & pubg, Try changing the screen resolution to 720p vs 1080p. Hopefully it will make a lot of difference.

Also If you haven’t gone into your sensitivity settings since the update make sure that separate sensitivity for ADS is “open” on Pubg settings.

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